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QPAD MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

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Pros: MX Cherry Red Switches, solid construction

Cons: no backlight

The Qpad MK-50 Pro is a mechanical keyboard aimed at the low budget gamer who still wants the mech feel and response.Despite it is identical to the iOne U9BL which hasn't the best of reputations, the MK-50 seems a rather solid product.It may lack the bells and whistles of its elder brother (MK-85) like the backlight, the USB hub and the Headphones/Mic jacks but this is reflected to its significantly lower price which makes it very attractive.
Coming from a membrane keyboard I opted for MK-50 so that I test the mech feel and decide if I like it.First the response is instant and pretty clear, a lot less keystrokes not being registered for me (aside from those due to lag) inside online games.Second the typing is much more entertaining.The MK-50 has some nice specs like 6KRO over USB and NKRO when connected to PS2.It also features the basic media player keys (across F1 to F6) accessible via a seperate Fn Key. Overall I would love it to have backlighting as well but at this price I can live without it.The package contains also a set of 4 orange keys (your WASD set) and a keycap remover.No driver installation is needed for it to function.Recommended if you look for a low budget mech keyboard.
QPAD MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Unlike your average keyboard, that functions through rubber domes, forcing you to press each key all the way down in order for the stroke to register, the MK-50 feature true mechanical switches with unmatched accuracy and feel. No more pressing with full-force in order to activate the keys.The QPAD keyboard will respond to your every stroke in an instant. Other boards normally have a short life span and wear out quickly, resulting in unresponsiveness, delays and a dull, clunky feel to the keys. The key switches on MK-50 are built to last 50 million strokes, and the QPAD mechanical key technology provides distinct feedback and puts you in absolute control. The travel distance of the keys is set to 4mm with an actuation point at 2mm. For gamers, it's all about the feel and functionallity and that is where the QPAD MK-50 truly shines! With a full size keyboard layout in 3 sections, mechanical key switches, media keys and full N-Key roll over, it's the perfect gaming keyboard. Nuff said... Features - Key switch:Cherry MX mechanical switch technology - N Key Roll over: Full N-key roll over via PS2 - Key strokes: 50 Million - Connectors: PS/2 or USB (PS/2 to USB adapter included) - Media keys: Media keys for volume control, play, pause and skip tracks - Cable: 1.8 meter extra thick cable - extras: 4 extra orange key caps and key cap puller - Dimensions:Keyboard 44,8 x 14,9 x 3,5 cm (17,6 x 5,8 x 1,37 inch) - Wrist pad: 44,8 x 6,6 x 1,7 cm (17,6 x 2,48 x 0,66 inch) - Weight:1.27 Kg (2.8 LBS) - Warranty:2 year - Keycaps: Removable for easy cleaning

TitleQPAD MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementQPAD-3201
Item Height1.38 inches
Item Length17.64 inches
Item Width5.87 inches
Package Height3.39 inches
Package Length19.37 inches
Package Weight3.92 pounds
Package Width8.43 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
Item Weight2.84 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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