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Story : A meteor hits earth and few human survivors are left. And those survivors build new settlements and try to live their life but are always under threat by the dangers of the wasteland.


Graphics : Most of the times, I truly enjoyed RAGE's graphics quality. Weather its outside or inside, they did a very good job on most of the texture quality, lighting effects etc. What I really liked about it especially was that the game was GPU usage friendly as you do not really need a very strong machine to run the game on a eye candy level. My 670 handled the game at 60 fps stable without any drops at 1440p resolution. I only used 2X Anti Aliasing but everything else was maximized and my GPU usage was around 30% most of the time. Also the wasteland at times look beautiful. Weather it is a destroyed mall, or a giant 5 star hotel being destroyed to ashes, it really gives you the feeling that you are in a wasteland.  Only thing bad about the graphics was the late loading of the textures as this gave me the feeling of owning a console. It is not a deal breaker but it sometimes annoys you.


Gameplay : Gameplay is your basic FPS. You gun and shoot, also drive at times to go to various locations. There are around 9 different guns in the game, and each gun is effective against a certain enemy type. The shotgun is especially fun to use in close quarter combat situations where you are surrounded my mutants who want nothing else but to kill you. The death animations of most of the characters are also a delight to watch. But more than that I loved how the enemies used the environment to their advantage to climb, jump or cover. 


The driving in the game is mediocre though. I didn't really enjoy driving around the wasteland much as it was dull. Killing bandit cars is not a boring thing to do, but definitely not the highlight of the game as well. There are also different mini games within the game. Such as an arena like TV Show program, tracks where you can race with the AI, a simple roll the dice kind of a board game, a card game that is actually quiet fun, and a guitar hero type of a game where you have to follow the pushed arrows on the screen and repeat it with the same sequence. For those of you who want to play the card game and get better, be sure to find new cards for your decks in various missions. In other words, take a good look at your surrounding and pick up anything shiny. The game also allows you to do some basic engineering. You gather blueprints, and some parts, than by accessing the inventory, you can just build a bandage, a EMP grenade, a lock grinder etc.


Things I did not like about the gameplay were basically how you couldn't pick up guns from dead enemies (although you can gather ammo or money) and how the game was not too challenging. There are 4 game modes and I played in the hard mode (though there was a higher mod available) and i rarely died and had to reload the game. Speaking of dying, when you die in the game you can resurrect yourself in about 3-4 seconds via charging your heart. The more precise the charging is, the more health you gain after resurrection.


Length : The single player experience, at hard settings with many side missions took me about 11 hours to complete. Not a lengthy game but it is not a very short game either.


Sound : This is the only department that gave me major issues. The sound effects are nice, but nice if you can hear them. There are at times where sound is missing from the game. Imagine you started running but hearing your footsteps 3 second later. The sound does not disappear totally of course, but some of the environment sound does. Sometimes enemy gun fire sound is also missing as well, also when you drive your car, again you hear the engine sound 3-4 seconds later which really kills the game at times.


Multiplayer : Well to be honest I just entered the multiplayer of the game one time, and did not pay too much attention to it, but as far as I understood you can always play coop with a friend over the internet. Now I did not have any friends with RAGE so I couldn't test it, but it seems that you actually play a different story with different missions instead of the game itself.


Replay Value : Well it has been perhaps a year since the game came out, and there are no DLCs available as the game was not a great success so I can't imagine myself playing this game again. 1 single ride is probably all you will experience with this game, but trust me, it will be a fun ride nevertheless.


Verdict : I always wanted to purchase this game when I heard about it last year, but it was plagued with lots of issues for many people so I decided to wait a little bit. I can not recall most of the issues other people had right now, but besides the sound issue I had, I never experienced a major problem with graphics quality (besides late texture loading), nor a problem with the game crashing on me (never happened), nor a problem with achieving stable 60 fps. Developers either patched the game very well, and Nvidia came out with nice drivers for it, or I was very lucky. Therefor for me RAGE was a really fun single player ride with some nice combat moments. The game is currently at $20 bucks at Steam and I would personally not buy it for this price if you have other games to play. I, myself, bought the game with a 75% sale on steam and paid $5 and couldn't be happier. If you are a sucker for single player FPS games though, you may want to pay around $10 for this game as well. Just have your eyes opened, as this game will probably always be on sale from time to time.


Screenshots : Below are links for some 2560x1440p quality screenshots I took. Take a look at them if you want to see the quality of the graphics.







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