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A Review On: Razer ABYSSUS Black Wired Optical High Precision Gaming Mouse

Razer ABYSSUS Black Wired Optical High Precision Gaming Mouse

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Pros: Straightforward, Cheap

Cons: Subpar Drivers, LED Issues

I do like the blue LED lights that lights up when this thing is on. Some people report the LED being on with the computer off, but I do not get this problem. I have tried plugging this thing in to PS/2 port, but it doesn't work. Keep this in mind when you purchase. Also, the drivers are subpar. The Synapse fails to detect my mouse no matter what, and the Abyssus adjustment software isn't real-time. Settings don't take place until you press 'apply', which actually confused me and annoyed me because all other adjustments I've used on other mice are instantaneous.

This mouse is OK for left handed and right handed people, unlike the Deathadder. The cord is OK. Seems cheap, a little short for my taste. The rubberized surface does not extend to the side of the mouse, which is a negative point. Scroll wheel is good.

The Abyssus is a no-frills mouse. It's got a good sensor, and it glides very smoothly. No extra buttons. Go with Deathadder for that. You can change the DPI between 450/1800/3200. I would have preferred a 850 option. There is a polling rate switch too. This mouse is best for those that claw grip, or do something somewhere between claw and palm grip. Palm grippers should use Deathadder. Cord is somewhat cheap, and I would have preferred a longer cord. All in all, definitely one of the more solid choices you can make at this price point. ($30)


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