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Razer Lycosa Black Wired Standard Gaming Keyboard

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Pros: Has a wrist rest, LED lights, Audio and USB input jacks on the keyboard.

Cons: Quite flimsy, Buttons feel pretty bad after a bit of use. Bad ghosting

I purchased this keyboard back in February 2011. I am still using it today (but am very near choosing an upgrade) and I cannot say I would recommend this keyboard. The buttons feel horrible and sticky and only get worse over time, especially the WASD area. Most likely because i use those keys the most.

The thing that annoys me the most about this keyboard is the terrible anti-ghosting. In BF3 I use the keyboard to fly jets + helli so i use both the wasd keys and the normal arrow keys. I hate it when im trying to fly and then realize I'm not actually turning because I am holding in too many keys in. I think that is unacceptable for a gaming keyboard.

I paid $145 NZ (about $120 US) for this keyboard and I feel it is not worth the money. I think a $50 NZ price tag would be more suitable. Try to avoid this one rolleyes.gif


Pros: LED Backlight, touch screen, wrist rest.

Cons: Extremely flimsy, keys get stuck over time, thickest power cable I've ever seen.

This is the first keyboard I've bought to use along side my first computer. It looked good and I was taken in by the backlighting and 'Gaming' features.

For the first three to four months of normal use it started to turn bad. The keys became extremely stiff and some started to get stuck. The Enter, Backspace and Shift keys refused to go down unless pressed in exactly the right way. The touch screen, while I do enjoy how it looks, started to not register my pressing it or would get stuck skipping music tracks, only fixed by physically unplugged the keyboard from the computer. At first I liked the glossy plastic and how it looked, but over time I grew to dislike it for the way it gets dirty and sweaty. Even cleaning the keyboard multiple times daily it would get dirty with dust and smudges in less than an hour of use. Very disappointing.

It's build quality is very poor. It flexes alot and of course experiences the issues previously mentioned. The antighosting features on this keyboard did not work at all, as pressing any more than three keys was no registered. The backlight illumination was fairly uneven but acceptable, and is one of the few things I did enjoy about this keyboard. The backlight can be adjusted from On, WASD cluster and Off.
The keyboard has a USB and headphone/audio passthrough port on the top side of the keyboard, hence the very thick power cable that is hard to work with.

I feel the worst part about this keyboard is the price. Even if it showed none of the issues I and others have experienced, which it doesn't, it would still be grossly overpriced. I feel they get away with the price by making it look pretty and name it a 'Gaming keyboard', I know I was certainly sucked in.

I have to recommend avoiding this keyboard, many people have experienced the problems I have, among other problems. It's far too expensive, certainly not worth the price.


Pros: fun to look at

Cons: not very practical

I agree with the 'keys will randomly stop working' comment previously posted. Mine is like that too... say you're playing WoW and you use 'wasd' to run around... you'd just hold the 'w' to run forward... sometimes it will only take 1 step forward... driver issue for sure... I can either unplug it for a minute, or fiddle around with the caps lock/num lock buttons and sometimes it will come back.

The rubberized coating has a nice feel but wears easily. overall more like a laptop feel with the short key strokes.

I got mine for $45.00 open box at Best Buy... but it still isn't worth that much.


Pros: Flat "laptop style" key design, good aesthetics

Cons: Poor LED distribution, very plastic (cheap feel), keys will randomly stop working every now and then, LED not bright enough

This is a very simple gaming keyboard. The build quality is not that great and the overall feel of the keyboard is cheap. The poor LED distribution and brightness makes it difficult to see the keys both in the light and in the dark, also keys will stop working randomly from time to time.

The keyboard does have a very nice design which may appeal to a lot, however due to its poor quality, I cannot recommend this keyboard.
Razer Lycosa Black Wired Standard Gaming Keyboard

The Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard helps you keep a step ahead of your opponents! Everything about this keyboard is designed for premium gaming performance, from its grippy key surface to the backlit keys and WASD cluster lighting. The slim keycap keyboard is armed with Hyperesponse technology, so you can fire as rapidly as you like; Lycosa won't let you down in the heat of battle! The keys are fully programmable and offer macro support, so you can assign your most oft-used commands single-keystroke execution. Switch among 10 software profiles on the fly, so you've always got the optimal configuration for the moment. A blue backlit media control TouchPanel gives you quick, easy control of your multimedia experience, too. No matter how fast the action gets, the Razer Lycosa gives you the edge you need to dominate the competition! Mouse Included: No Palm Rest: Detachable Features: Keytop with non-slip rubber finish Backlight illumination with WASD cluster lighting option Fully-programmable keys with macro capability Gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability Slim keycap structure with Hyperesponse technology TouchPanel easy access media keys Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching 1000Hz Package Contents: Keyboard, keyboard cord, Driver Disc Parts: 1 year limited Labor: 1 year limited

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