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Razer Naga Epic RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Black Gaming Mouse

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Pros: 17 buttons, looks nice

Cons: some buttons hard to reach, catches in wireless mode sometimes, expensive

120 dollar mouse. the first 2 rows of buttons are easy to use, the 2nd 2 rows not so much. with proper time, it will get done, but i knew this going in. the battery life is pretty good, if you turn the lights off for wireless you can go from morning til night on one charge. it does take many hours to get a full charge up, probably 4-6. it doesn't lag in wireless mode all the time.. but every once in a while, it will take a second to register that you've moved it the first time.. wired mode is fine.


Pros: It looked good

Cons: It never really worked

I use the original Razer Naga, so I will use that for comparison.

Overall the Epic felt nice and the multiple side pieces for different grips was nice. The mouse itself had a nice multicolor LED and the parts all looked well built.

The downsides were, the battery lasted maybe an hour if that and when I was using it wirelessly, it kept lagging and turning on and off. I tried calling Razer support and none of the suggestions worked. Even when I tried another one, it had the same problems. I even tried it on multiple computers as well. They also suggested doing the firmware/software updates and neither of those helped.

I would recommend getting the normal Razer Naga over this especially since it's cheaper. I could understand one mouse being bad, but two in a row just made it even worse.
Razer Naga Epic RZ01-00510100-R3U1 Black Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Epic MMO Gaming Mouse is the upgrade to the original award-winning and massively popular Razer Naga that shifts the balance between the keyboard and mouse with its 17 MMO-optimized buttons. The Razer Naga Epic takes it one step further by combining this with the dual mode wired/wireless functionality and interchangeable side panels, designed by the world-acclaimed Razer ergonomics team, which provide an optimal fit for various hand sizes and grip styles so you can raid in comfort for hours on end. With the Razer Naga Epic, prepare to Get Imba again. From the casual MMO gamer to the serious hardcore raider, the Razer Naga Epic will take you to the head of the pack in both PVE and PVP action. Buff it with the Razer Anansi MMO gaming keyboard to use the Razer Naga Epic's 12-button mouse keypad seamlessly with the keyboard's 7 thumb modifier keys, giving you an unprecedented level of battle control while dual-wielding the world's most phenomenal weapons for MMO gaming dominance. Maximum dpi: 5600 dpi Features: 17 Fully-programmable MMO-optimized buttons (including 12 button thumb grid) Wired / Wireless dual mode capability Wireless: USB 2.4ghz dongle (with wired-mode connector port) 3 Interchangeable side panels Charging dock (also functions as a wireless receiver unit) Unlimited character profiles with AddOns Optional MMO-specific software AddOns 16 million color backlight illumination 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor 1000Hz Ultrapolling / Parts: 2 years limited Labor: 2 years limited

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