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Razer Naga Standard

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in Mice


Pros: Macros, Adjustable side panels, Comfortable, Durable, Braided cord, Easy to use, No installation needed!

Cons: None

Razer Naga vs. Generic Mouse during PC use:

The Razer Naga comes with multiple perks compared to a generic mouse in the gaming world. These perks come in handy no matter what type of game you are playing. Whether it is a RPG, MMO, FPS, RTS, or even a casual game, You are able to find a use for all 17 optimized buttons located on the left hand side of the mouse. From cycling weapons or using a skill, the Razer Naga allows you to perform this all by simply clicking one of the buttons on the side of the mouse! However, Buttons 1 through 12 are often preset for the game, but can always be changed inside the option menu. The mouse still allows you to have custom macros located on the top of your mouse, often pushed by your index finger! When using a generic mouse in a video game, none of these perks are able to be used, unless you operate the buttons from your keyboard.


If you did not think the buttons were enough to win you over, how about customizing your comfort level with the mouse as well? With the Razer Naga, it comes with 3 interchangeable side panels. This leaves you with a total of 3 different ways to change the grip of your mouse! Whether it's from big and bulky to small and skinny, the Razer Naga allows you to chose whatever your heart desires!

Precision, Speed and Resolution:

As if all of these perks were not impressive enough on the outside, the Razer Naga is just as good on the inside. The Razer Naga is equipped with 5600dpi Razer precision 2.5G Laser Sensor. This is very impressive and definite shows it self off on the battlefield! The Razer Naga also has 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time. Which also receives 200 inches per second max tracking speed!


Compared to a generic mouse when playing games, it's a no wonder why everyone believes the Razer Naga is the icing on the cake! With all of these perks and specs, what else could you ask for? If you are a gamer of any kind and are in desperate need of a mouse despite the cost, the Razer Naga is a perfect starter mouse for you! Despite taking time to get use to the way the buttons feel, your purchase will pay off in the long run. With 17 optimized buttons and 3 interchangeable side panels. Honestly, what more could a gamer want?


Pros: A lot of buttons and great razer software

Cons: Small, and feel is strange, but a lot of these aspects were fixed in the 2014 edition

Only owned these for 6 months. They're pretty good, had 3 grip sizes, affordable price and came with nice razer features. Otherwise its your standard gaming mouse. I'm happy with my purchase overall.


Pros: Design, Plug & Play

Cons: Z-axis tracking, build quality

I've had 2 of these (the second one being a Molten edition) in 3 years. Both are still working, but not without issues... more on that later.

Main features:

It's not until I started testing other MMO mice that I realized how good the Naga is. The Logitech G600, Corsair M90 and SteelSeries WoW mice... all pale in comparison to the Naga's execution of the MMO button cluster. The thumb grid is placed exactly where my thumb has the best reach and spaced just well enough that misclicks are extremely rare. It's also organized in a way that is easy to memorize and plan keybindings for. It's come to a point where I rely on the thumb grid so much that I'll be uncomfortable going back to a mouse with a "standard" amount of buttons.

Mouse buttons 4 and 5 however leave something to be desired. They're not exactly in optimal reach of the index finger and require some practice to wield with dexterity—I would rather have them next to the mouse wheel. They're easy to ignore if unused though, so I can't really fault the mouse with them.


No matter the grip I find myself using, the mouse is very comfortable. I can go on long gaming sessions and my hand won't feel any discomfort (then again, that can be said for most of the mice I've used).

The Naga uses Omron D2FC-F-7N switches for the left and right mouse buttons. I've not used a mouse with a click that feels better. I'm not sure what switches the thumb grid uses, but if feels great as well, and requires just enough pressure that you won't easily misclick, yet won't exert your thumb.

There's no thumb rest though, and some people may find the feel of the buttons under their thumb grating, but that never bothered me. You can't have both a thumb grid and a thumb rest and keep it all accessible and comfortable.


The Naga is equipped with the Philips Twin Eye PLN 2032 laser sensor, providing 5600 DPI, 1000Hz polling rate. Don't expect stellar tracking, especially given the Z-axis bug, but you probably aren't considering this mouse for high precision aim anyway.

The mouse feet are basic teflon pads which glide smoothly on my Razer Kabuto. Razer apparently sell improved pads on their online store, but I haven't found the need.

Build quality:

This is where things really go downhill. The upper shell of the Naga is made of cheap plastic, and unfortunately the prongs that connect the left and right mouse buttons to their switches are part of that shell, so over time the stems of the switches will bite into the prongs and create a notch, which will make clicking increasingly mushier until it no longer works at all. If that happens you'll have to RMA the mouse if it's still under warranty or repair it yourself if you don't want to throw it away. My Molten currently has this problem and waiting to be fixed.

Another issue I've experienced—on both my Nagas—is mouse button 4 not always registering when pressed. Not a big problem as, like I said before, MB4 and MB5 can be overlooked and the mouse is still fantastic without them.

There's also the "double click issue" many users have been complaining about, but I've not experienced so far, where a single click will register as a double click. This is apparently fixed by opening the mouse (will void your warranty) and spraying a bit of contact cleaner on the offending switch.


The Naga basically works out of the box just by plugging it to a Windows PC, so I wouldn't recommend using the software at all except when a firmware update is available.

That being said, my gripe with Synapse is essentially the same as other vendor mice software: it needlessly adds bloat to your system. You'll also find that the addons Razer provide for MMOs are essentially mods of existing user addons, and unnecessary.


Given the mediocre durability, this mouse is on the pricey side. Better wait for discounts.


Subjective comfort aside, the Razer Naga is the best MMO mouse to date. If you need a good gaming mouse, find your left hand fingers leaving the keyboard's WASD cluster—thus limiting your freedom of movement—more than you'd like in any game, and don't mind having to replace your mouse about once a year, this is the mouse for you.


Pros: big mouse, high sensitivity, flexibility in buttons and colors

Cons: mouse architecture

Razer Naga is one of the best MMO mice and the high number of copies sold upholds its position, but the drawback is that the last buttons on side 7,8,9 and especially 10,11,12 are really hard to press and if you play a game for hours using those buttons your fingers hurt. I would have been smarter to make only 9 or create a better feel of the buttons together with re-positioning them in a more frontal position.



Cons: None

I can not play any game without this mouse. I love the way it feels. I love the buttons on the side. I had one die on me and I had to go out and buy another one that day. This is a must have for me!
Razer Naga Standard

The Razer Naga standard edition - wired

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