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Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad (RZ07-00490100-R3) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best in its class


Pros: Tons of customization, very ergonomic

Cons: Yet another scroll wheel, plastic dome keys, no LED customization, learning curve

I really enjoy my Razer Nostromo and the associated configuration utility. As a gamer who primarily plays MMOs, MOBAs, RTSs and only occasionally FPSs, I really appreciate being able to bind 17x8 keys to one hand (not including the D-pad). The Razer-branded Nostromo is a small modification to the Belkin n52TE, which I owned previously to this one. I purchased the Razer to replace my Belkin, which started having issues registering keypresses for certain keys, and I'm glad I did. Razer has done a splendid job upgrading the configuration utility to be more straightforward and far more flexible. In addition, macro recording is much simpler, profiles are much easier to assign, and the options...
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Negative Reviews


What freak of nature was this designed for?


Pros: Keeps your thumb from being wasted in games, it works?

Cons: Uncomfortable and awkward

I can't recommend this product to anyone, the design is for some freak of nature with monster hands. The keys are always mushy even for a rubber dome. The thumb is digital which makes the pad awkward to use and less responsive than it should be.

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Pros: Ergonomic

Cons: profile change

Very good for playing games for hours, your hand and arm will thank you. I just wished for a button to change profiles in the middle of a game...

Can't play some games without it anymore


Pros: Comfortable, Intuitive, Dependable

Cons: Having to switch between it and a keyboard to type while gaming

I've used this in WoW, LoL, and some FPS games. It's really good. WoW and LoL especially, FPS games tend to be harder to get used to for some reason. In WoW, this really helped me out while raiding. The greatest part about this pad (especially for MMOs) is THE D-PAD. It's a perfectly designed Joystick that automatically function as your UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrow keys. In World of Warcraft, this is what broke my mage. Moving around with just your thumb is not only easier than using your three middle fingers, it frees those fingers up for more macros. I just can't explain how good this is for MMOs. As a mage in WoW using a normal keyboard, even with a lot of macros, moving and...
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Comfortable and Functional Gamepad


Pros: comfortable, functional, mechanical parts, macros and customizability

Cons: more palm rest options and some buttons are a stretch.

Pros:. comfortable - the hand rest makes the Nostromo feel much better then any other gamepad out there. functional - great for playing games for extended periods of time. mechanical parts - the keyboard part of the pad is mechanical( doesn't specify what kind) macros - you can create macros to lets say open up Overclock.net and YouTube in Google Chrome if you press a button. customizability - you can rebind any of the keys and there are 6 sets of key bindings. Cons: more palm rest options - there are only two hand size options for the hand rest maybe a slider that you can lock would be better. some buttons are a stretch - the #15 button can be hard to reach at some...
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