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Great Mouse

A Review On: Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse

Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse

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Pros: Variable sensitivity, ambidextrous, fully programmable buttons, sweat-resistant surface, rubberized thumb grips

Cons: Awkward shape, a bit too small, thumb buttons could have been bigger

I'm a left-handed gamer and play a lot of FPS action games. I picked this up to replace a three-year old Deathadder left-hand edition with a sensor that was beginning to act up. Compared to the deathadder and other gaming mice, using the Taipan for the first time will seem awkward. The mouse has a wonderfully sweat-resistant matte surface, and rubberized thumb grips that hold decently well. The buttons are programmable with razer's Synapse 2.0 software (downloaded online, no disc included).

Using this mouse will feel strange at first, but you will get used to it. This mouse has almost no acceleration. No matter if you move the mouse extremely slowly or jerk it across the screen, your cursor will end up in the same place. The sensor works great on almost any surface, including my beat-up particle board desk's keyboard tray. It's capable of tracking up to 8200 dpi, but that is so extreme it's really just a marketing strategy. I use 1800 dpi setting and find it still way more sensitive than your average cheap optical mouse. The size of the mouse is a bit small, too small to keep all five fingers off the mouse pad if you have big hands (like me).

I have always loved the programmable functions of these mice. The Taipan has a total of nine buttons, all of which can be remapped to just about anything (except the primary click). This is useful for me since as a left-handed user, I have to manually reconfigure all the controls in every game I use since using WASD with the right hand while mousing with the left is awkward and unplayable. The Taipan's thumb buttons (two per side) and the two extra buttons on top can be programmed to press keys, adjust sensitivity or even run recorded key macros. The left and right thumb buttons can be programmed independently, but the thumb buttons ideally should be larger (like the Deathadder's two thumb buttons).

Overall I find this mouse more useful due to all the customizability of the buttons and the grip surfaces. Once you get a feel for using it in games, you won't want to go back to another mouse.


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