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Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat (Dark Grey) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Once you go hard (surface), it's not easy to go soft again.


Pros: Dual sides surface for choice, choice of wrist rest, good looks, good surfaces.

Cons: Area may be a bit small for some.

My friend once said: "Once you go hard mouse surface, you never look back." He was right, and I can't imagine the days when I used cheap cloth surface. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good soft mats. I just personally have been converted to the hard surfaces. Razer Vespula, best thing to ever set.... "foot" on my desk. Never liked mousemats for the last 10+ years of my life, now can't live without the awesome wrist rest and the dual sided mat. Can't imagine gaming/photo editing/ anything without the mouse surface. Although like most have said, the SPEED side of the mat is the slower side, and the CONTROL side being the faster smoother feeling side. (When mouse is used on it,...
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Nice Mouse Pad


Pros: Dual sided, Looks good, robust

Cons: The wrist rest

I bought this mouse pad to replace one that I had for ages that had finally fallen apart. I cant say I did much research, I just went to Frys and picked one that was large and good for gaming. Ill talk first about the looks. The grey and black color scheme looks really good and the green bumpers accent the pad pretty well. It would be nice if they were black also (to match my computer color scheme, but that doesnt matter to me much). the wrist rest has the razer logo right in the middle of it and is attached to a skid pad that is the exact same size as the mouse pad (which helps to keep the pad from moving around during heavy gaming). The mouse pad itself is pretty thick and rigid...
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Negative Reviews


razer vespula matt is not worth the money and quickly falls apart


Pros: Is good for the first month

Cons: no value for money, falls apart quickly!

Brought a razer vespula mouse matt for £30 within a few weeks it had lost the logo on the wrist rest, the speed side got badly scratched (by a new razer mouse) and then the other matt side the control side started to go bubbly! I did not realise it only had a 6 month warranty and razer refused to help as I waited to long to contact them due to being so busy. I won't be buying razer again and I would recommend that nobody buys this they expect you to buy two a year at a cost of £60!

More Reviews


The Exactmat Lite


Pros: 2 surfaces, good sized wrist rest

Cons: Cheap plastic

I picked this up because my eXactMat which I've had for quite a few years had started getting pretty nasty and cleaning it just wasn't worth it. This is a solid mousepad and really the only option if you want a hard pad with a wrist rest. Sadly this really is just a stripped down and cheapened version of the exactmat. It is made out of plastic and while it feels fairly sturdy it has nothing on the aluminum of it predecessor (they were both the same price). Still a good pad and really the only option like it but I wish they hadn't ditched the quality of the original.

Excellent all round mouse pad.


Pros: Aesthetics, Dual sided, wrist rest

Cons: Expensive, Wrist rest may not suit some people

Bought this to replace my years old and worn Steelpad 4D. FIrst of all aesthetics, I personally really like the looks of it, some of you out there won't but that's personal preference. The 4 green strips in the corner of the mouse pad are raised rubber strips that helps the mouse pad grip the table, in addition to the rubber matt which the wrist rest is attached to. The rubber matt on this is miles better than the one on the Steelpad, with that mouse pad when I'm playing BF3 the mouse pad will shift under my hands as I'm playing. With the Vespula it feels like the harder I try to shift the rubber matt the harder it grips. The wrist rest is made out of quite a stiff memory foam, I find it...
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