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A Review On: ROCCAT ISKU Gaming Keyboard with Blue Key Illumination (ROC-12-701-AS)

ROCCAT ISKU Gaming Keyboard with Blue Key Illumination (ROC-12-701-AS)

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Pros: Built of Harden Plastic, Response time on Keys, Stealth Look, Blue Back-lite keys, Ect..

Cons: So far, no 'CONS'. Time will tell all!!! It is 'NOT' a mechanical keyboard...

thumb.gif The ROCCAT ISKU.. LOL, specool.gif What a name! I really only started reading up on keyboards about 6 months ago. After I started having trouble with two, out of my three keyboards I own. Which by the way; are very old. Well when I started shopping for them. The Roccat ISKU came to my liking, first for the price. The part of the world I live in (Israel), company's like Microsoft, Logitech, Creative, Ect come with some pritty heavy price tag's for their products. You can get lucky every once in a while; ' like with another keyboard I purchased the same day. Review: Sidewinder x6 wheee.gif Well, those were my holiday gift's to my-self!!! biggrin.gif Anyway, The ROCCAT ISKU is, as some reviews say; that the ISKU keyboard is a innovation for gaming keyboards! rolleyes.gif

The ROCCAT ISKU is a stealthy design in my eye's. Built durable of harden plastic. Really sold structure
with some weight to it for non-slip during heavy gaming. 6 point's of touch on the bottom of the board when it lay's flat. You can also raise it a bit for a little tilt with the 2 wide flipper feet is the back. This keyboard has
a very cool 'Easy-Shift' technology, which offers you 36 easily-customizable macros strategically positioned in 3 spots in the easy-to-find rest-area, right below the space bar. This means you can change key commands without ever having to re-adjust your hand position; so you won’t have to take your eyes off the monitor to look for keys.

The 'Easy-Shift' zone gives you 28 macros keys – including 8 dedicated keys that can be doubly programmed. Plus, you can instantly switch between 5 profiles lets you enjoy up to a whopping 180 macros. That's a hole hell of a lot of 'macros'!!!

The Isku has medium height keys, giving you a ideal keystroke response. It has a 1000Hz polling rate also ensures ultra-fast keyboard response with no lag, And has anti-ghosting technology which means multiple keys can be depressed simultaneously with no ghosting of the keys. I mean she does respond better then any other keyboard I own or had owned!

ROCCAT ISKU also has something called Easy-Aim technology. When your gaming and need a steady hand as a sniper mode, simply press and hold a single keyboard key and Easy-Aim will instantly optimize the DPI setting on your 'Kone' mouse. This two-handed custom marksmanship is the simplest and most convenient way ever to achieve pinpoint sniping accuracy. This feature is really kind of cool, instead of holding down your 'Hold breath key', even with out the Kone mouse; you tap the key once and your steady as a rock for 10 sec's.. (At least thats the time I count off when I've tryed it)..

Extreme Ice Blue Lighting in 6 adjustable brightness levels, makes it easy to hit the right key -- even in low lighting. The ISKU also has programable light switch to automatically switch its lights off if you haven’t hit a key for a length of time

Well, as for a gamer's keyboard, I feel this puppy hit's the target. Tons of features to alter and change to what ever you need at the time or when ever. Durability is a factor. I can only say; I'll have to see in time to make that judgement. I never owned a ROCCAT' keyboard befor. Sure Built sold! Looks very cool. This Gamer's Keyboard was built for the gamer in mind. thumb.gif


I am also happy with my Isku FX. Still got to figure out how to use some of these crazy features compared to my old Razor Lycrosa!
I also agree. I have this keyboard and it is amazing. Especially for the price as it is on sale quite often