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ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customisation 8200DPI Pro Aim R3 Laser Sensor PC Gaming Mouse

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #19 in Mice


Pros: Almost everything. Before Tyon this one was Roccat's flagship and it is designed with love.

Cons: Not ambidextrous, LMB double clicking after one year.

My experience range: Razer Deathadder 2.5G, Logitech G400, G400s, G500, and this one.

About the Kone XTD:
I liked its speed, its accuracy, its sensitivity, its scroll, its feel, everything; and lasted for nearly one year (which is decent in mouse industry).
The buttons feel awesome and are good for fast clicking in FPS.
Mouse is palm grip and requires fairly (on average) large hand. In my experience it is fast enough to not require any other grip while playing RTS and MMO.
The side buttons are not well-placed and I never used those.
Works on all kinds of pads, I started with Roccat Sota, but that quickly became distorted, so switched to Goliathus.
The sensor is 1:1 and there is no prediction or accel.


Pros: 8200 DPI, High customization, 5 way scroll wheel, LED lighting strips, Easy Shift [+], Roccat Talk, excellent software

Cons: Price

The Roccat Kone XTD is just about as close to perfect as a mouse can be. It fits perfectly in the hand, glides effortlessly on nearly any surface, and looks stunning. Roccat takes a standard 8200 DPI laser mouse, and adds the ability to customize just about every feature.

The box is even interesting.

Included in the box is the mouse itself, 4 5g weights, and a quick start guide.

Here is the mouse itself with all buttons viable.

Here is the bottom of the mouse with the Pro Aim R3 8200DPI Laser Sensor, and the weight compartment which I have half filled.

A detailed list of specs is located on the quick start guide, but notable ones are 8200 DPI, 1 KHz polling rate, 72MHz MCU, and 567 KB onboard memory.

Now for the review.

The Kone is a right handed, very comfortable mouse. The exterior of the mouse is matte black and feels super smooth. On the left side (from the user's position) there are two buttons and an indentation for the thumb. Either of these buttons may be assigned to Easy-Shift[+], which I will discuss in the software portion of this review.
The mouse is rather large and molds excellently to the hand. All buttons are, reasonably, within reach. I have found there to be some slight strain in the pointer and middle finger after a long gaming session. I have also found sweaty hands to become uncomfortable after playing for a while as the mouse coating seems to absorb some moisture.

The Kone XTD can be customized to fit anyone from casual user to die hard gamer. Just about every aspect of the mouse can be customized. DPI may be adjusted from 200 all the way to 8200 in increments of 200. There are 5 DPI profiles that can be changed by default with buttons directly on the mouse. Sensitivity can also be adjusted including x and y axis specific. A combination of sensitivity and DPI will give the ultimate customized user experience. Also customizable is the TDCU (tracking+distance control unit) which allows you to adjust what happens when you lift the mouse off of the pad.

Most of the customization occurs within the software, but up to 4 individual weights may be added in increments of 5g to give the mouse the feel the user is looking for. I personally haven't noticed much of a difference with the weights, but some users find it game changing. The other semi physical aspect that can be changed is the 2 LED lighting strips on the side of the mouse. Each strip has 2 LEDs for a total of 4l LEDs on the mouse. Each LED may be individually controlled within the software from 33 different colors. The LEDs can be constantly on or breathing, and constant colors or color changing.


The software has the potential to be amazing, but can be overwhelming to use at first. However once you figure out how to work the software, it is a breeze. Roccat advertises 23 different button possibilities, but you will notice, there are only 12 buttons. The extra key possibilities are achieved with Roccat's Easy Shift [+] system. This adds a whole extra layer of button assignments when a combination of the Easy Shift button and another button is pressed. I personally like this better than having 23 separate buttons, similar to a Razer Naga. The software comes pre-installed with macros for 20 different games and 10 different programs. The user can also design custom macros for just about anything imaginable.

In conclusion, I believe the Roccat Kone XTD is a nearly perfect mouse with an average software accompaniment. I would recommend the Kone XTD to any serious gamer who wants a high level of customization. The Kone's 8200 DPI sensor and up to 23 different button possibilities makes it perfect for any gamer from FPS players to MMO Players. I give the Kone XTD a 4.5/5 with the breakdown as follows:

Performance 5/5
Usability and Customization 5/5
Software 4/5


Pros: Omron Switches, Lighting, Smooth Sensor, Software, Onboard Memory, Easy-Shift/Easy-Aim, Scroll Wheel, Adjustable Weights

Cons: Scroll Wheel click feels "mushy", No dedicated sniper button, Easy-Shift takes a while to adjust to, Inability to change left/right click functions

Hey everyone!

I recently did a review on the Razer Ouroboros, which I initially loved, but it had some weird tracking issues when changing the DPI, so I returned it and went back to my Logitech G9 for a while. Then I started looking into newer mice, and I stumbled upon the Kone XTD.

I decided right away I wanted it, but I couldn't find it in stock ANYWHERE in the US, so when it finally went up on newegg, I jumped on it.

All of the pictures in this review will be hidden by spoilers to make the text easier to read!!

Lets get the easy stuff out of the way first:

The Kone XTD is an 8200dpi laser mouse by Roccat.

It has 2 AWESOME light channels down the side of it that allow custom LED colors, and different colors per profile

It uses an "Easy-Shift" button, effectively doubling the buttons on the mouse - I'll get into that more later

Nice, braided cabling

New scroll wheel that eliminates the issues with the Kone+ and original Kone

Now that that's all over, I'll start with:


While it cant possibly compete with the Ouroboros packaging (see below), I still think the Kone XTD has awesome packaging in its own way. Ouroboros Packaging (Click to show)

Ok, so up first we have the box, obvuiously tongue.gif I think that the box is really cool. It's got a magneted down front flap, and its loaded with info. That info may be marketing mumbo-jumbo, but it's info nonetheless.

you can see from the picture that it talks about easy-shift, 8200dpi, LED lighting, and the "TDCU" I will get more in depth with the last one later.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

some nice branding on the box, embossed and rubbery
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The back of the box, also loaded with info
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

We open up the box to find the mouse itself!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

We get the owners manual and quick-start guide included
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The included weights:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
All in all, I have no complaints about the packaging biggrin.gif

Now we can move on to:


The Kone XTD is a right handed mouse, and it's VERY comfortable to hold. The coating is like a soft-touch rubber, but more smooth than grippy. However, I have had no issues lifting the mouse up off of the mat with my fingertips, or just holding on to it in general.

Unlike the Kone Pure, the XTD doesnt have a laser-etched logo, because the logo doesnt light up. The lights are in the two light channels running down the sides of the mouse
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Here you can see the Left / Right mouse buttons, the button in front of the scroll wheel, the DPI up/down buttons behind the wheel, and the wheel itself. The button in front of the wheel can be programmed for any function, but it is very hard to reach, and would have preferred it to be moved under the thumb buttons and made into something similar to the sniper buttons found on many newer mice
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Roccat has been pushing this "Titan 4-D Scroll Wheel" and I can say that while it is solid, there are a couple things I dont like as much as I could have. For one, the wheel took 2-3 days to really "loosen up." Until it did, it was extremely stiff and didnt turn very well. I can say it's all good now, but it shouldnt be so stiff out of the box. The big issue I have with the wheel is the clicking action of it.

The entire mouse uses Omron switches, which have great tactile and sound feedback, but I just cant say the same for the wheel button. It only depresses about 1mm, and it's very "mushy." I equate it to the difference between a membrane keyswitch and a mechanical keyswitch on a keyboard. I dont know if it's designed this way or if it's just my mouse, but that's my biggest issue with the wheel.

Aside from those issues, I really do love the wheel now that it's loosened up. The left and right tilt, which I had on my G9 by logitech, is much better on this mouse. It has great tactile feedback without being too hard to press. I love that I can program the tilts as 2 extra buttons, so for instance flicking it to the right in Borderlands 2 uses my special ability. Not a big deal to some, but the less I need my keyboard, the better.

Next up we have the right side of the mouse. nothing too interesting here, just the LED light strip.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The left side of the mouse is where things get interesting. You have the typical back/forward buttons, but they actually ARENT so typical.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

IMG_0013 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr[/url]

Either button can be programmed as the "Easy-shift" button, which makes it act like the shift button on a keyboard, and effectively doubles the amount of buttons on the mouse. This is a really neat feature, but also annoying at times. I dont use it in ANY fps games, because the need to hit a second button bothers me, but its perfect for RTS, MMOs. The big issue is just using it in windows. By default, back and forward in web pages or explorer windows requires you to:

Hold down the button programmed to easy-shift (my back button / back by default) > click left button for back OR click right button for forward.

This took me a while to get used to and I'm still not 100% used to it. I didnt like it at all for web browsing, so I made a chrome profile to eliminate it. The problem is that NO OTHER BUTTON CAN BE THE EASY SHIFT BUTTON. Only the back or forward buttons. I WANT the feature, but i want it to be the - somewhat pointless - button in front of the scroll wheel. That way i still have the ability to make macros on the shifted keys. This issue really comes into play in explorer windows. I cant just add the explorer.exe to my chrome profile, because then I wont have the easy-shift ability in windows at all, even with chrome closed.

Overall, it's a nice feature when needed, somewhat annoying that we can't customize it further.

It's a little out of focus, but you get a nice branded Roccat USB plug
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Very convenient for when you need to know which USB cable belongs to the mouse.


Using this mouse is a joy. Honestly, it's amazing. I's the closest I've come to matching the original G9 in terms of comfort, ease of setup, easy of use, and just straight up smooth tracking. I havent had a single problem with the tracking on this mouse, it's phenomenal. Even all the way up at 8200dpi, while a little out of control, it still tracks very smoothly. I typically sit on 1800dpi-2400dpi, but I have had to crank it up when using turrets in Far Cry 3 or BF3.

I prefer heavier mice, and the ability to customize the weight to my liking was a HUGE plus for me.
The mouse comes with four 5-gram weights. I'm currently using 2 of them, and the weight is perfect for me.
All you have to do is twist this cap to remove, and there are 4 spots to place the weights
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The only thing I feel this mouse is missing is a dedicated sniper button, which cuts the DPI to a chosen value when pressed, and returns to normal when released. This feature was on my RAT7 and was great for sniping or precision work in photoshop or something.

This mouse gets around that with "Easy-Aim" - essentially the same thing but not in it's own dedicated button. Obviously, this takes over one of your buttons, whereas a dedicated button wouldnt. What I'd really love to see is (for my FPS game profile) the ability to change what the right click does. You CANNOT EDIT THE LEFT OR RIGHT CLICK FUNCTIONS, you can only edit their uses when in easy shift mode. This is my biggest gripe. The lack of a dedicated sniper button makes me want to be able to use the right click as easy aim. it makes sense, as every FPS game uses right click as aim. It'd be amazing to be able to overlay the easy-aim command onto right click, so that when I hold it down to aim, it ALSO cuts my DPI automatically...
Other than that, I dont have many more cons for the actual use of the mouse

For the lighting:

I LOVE IT. a ton of options it's great! I have a bunch of pics coming up right here:
One thing I want to say first: These shots dont even compare to how amazing it looks in person...my iPhone captures the ends of the light tubes really badly, making them a lot lighter than they really are (ex: the red you'll see below looks yellow at the ends, but its a nice, deep red in person)

I'm working on a video showing all of the effects such as "heartbeat" and "breathing" that will be up soon!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
IMG_0036 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0024 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0025 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0033 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0030 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

When pressing the easy-shift button, the lights go blue
IMG_0029 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0028 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0027 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0034 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0038 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

As close as I could find to white - more light bluish
IMG_0037 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0035 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0039 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr


The software for the Kone is the best I've ever seen for a mouse. I've never seen so many options. While it is a little overwhelming at first, it's easy to get acclimated fast and change any setting you need, minus the one I mentioned above. The best part is that this mouse has onboard storage, meaning you set you mouse up, and you never have to install drivers again. Take it to a friends house, and all your profiles are loaded up for you.

Here's the main functions screen, where you can change scroll speed, tilt speed, and DPI settings
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Main by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

The next tab is the Button Management tab. This lets you change the functions on your buttons. The left panel is the normal functions, and the right panel is the functions when the Easy-Shift key is depressed. I'm currently in my "Chrome" profile, so I dont have Easy-Shift enabled. We also find the macro manager here. You can have a basic macro manager or an advanced version
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
buttons by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

macro_basic by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

macro_advanced by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

Next up is the advanced control tab. It's here we find the TDCU I mentioned earlier. This is the "Tracking and Distance Control Unit" which analyzes your mousing surface, and lets you change the lift off distance. I have mine at extra low because when off, it actually tracks from a decent distance off the pad. We also have sound effects. The software will speak to you when changing DPI/profile, or any of the items you have checked off occur. I turned off profile switching, because I use the lights to know when I change profiles, and having a chrome profile gets annoying because it speaks whenever I minimize haha tongue.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
advanced by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

TDCU by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

sounds by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

Next is the Color Management tab. We can chose from a variety of colors, one color for each corner, and some neat lighting effects. Once again, look for my effects video shortly, I'll update this with that when it's done.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
colors by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

effects by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

They also have an "Achievement" system
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Finally we have the update/suppot tab. This is where you get your firmware updates / software updates
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
updates by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

Throughout it all, you can see the profiles section along the bottom. You can have 5 profiles, each of which can be assigned to 3 different applications. For example, I can make an RTS profile that links to Dawn of War, Starcraft II, and Company of Heroes, so that profile will work when any of those games are running. It's very helpful.
The profiles can be renamed, and the 4 colored dots next to them represent the colors chosen for the corners of the mouse that will be active when using that profile.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
profiles by crazyg0od33, on Flickr


This mouse is really a joy to use, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great laser mouse. I have been flamed over the optical vs. laser thing a few times, so please just don't in the comments below. I like laser, that's that.


-Adjustable weight
-Scroll Wheel is very solid
-Lighting is amazing
-Sensor is very smooth, and to me it feels very accurate
-Ability to tilt the wheel
-Omron Switches: Very responsive, and very tactile
-The option for 8200dpi
-Everything about the software
-Onboard memory


-Scroll Wheel click feels "mushy"
-No dedicated sniper button
-Not a TON of colors to choose from
-Easy-Shift takes a while to adjust to
-Inability to change left/right click functions

I would rate this mouse 9.75/10 overall


Pros: Superb mouse, large amount of features and buttons

Cons: Software is awful - can't even apply settings to mouse

The Kone XTD is Roccat’s new flagship mouse, replacing the Kone[+] before it. Offering a market-leading 8200dpi, 576kb of onboard storage and a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor, the Kone XTD is more like a brain than a mouse.

The Kone XTD is one of the most fully featured mice I have ever seen, with 12 assignable buttons, expanding to 24 with the use of the ‘Easy Shift+’ button. These buttons can be configured to do a variety of things, including multimedia control, changing the DPI or sensitivity, or even starting a timer. The real magic of this mouse is setting up macros, with one mouse button sending a variety of keystrokes or clicks; perfect for changing your class in an FPS or even more mundane tasks, like copying and pasting something.
The mouse also has a variety of DPI and sensitivity options. Within the settings panel of the mouse, you can configure the DPI steps, and using the aforementioned buttons you can change your DPI on the fly in-game, perfect for when you open use a scope and need the control to pinpoint your enemies. The DPI goes from 200, all the way to 8200, which is the highest I’ve ever seen on a mouse. One thing of note is the amount of settings here is somewhat overwhelming. It is difficult for a new user to grasp what the difference between DPI and sensitivity is, and I am too uncoordinated to fully appreciate high DPIs due to how low my sensitivity is. Roccat would do well to explain what some of the settings do.
All these features are useless however, with the latest software (version 1.15) branded ‘Roccat Kone XTD Mouse Option’ being seriously buggy, at least with Windows 8 (for which they tout compatibility). If I press ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’, the program freezes for up to two minutes, and even then it takes a few tries for the mouse to actually respond to what I want it to do. Beyond changing the sensitivity or DPI, I can’t do anything except change profiles. This means I am basically limited to the five default profiles, with their button assignments and colour options, and thus I literally have no way to customise the mouse. This is a serious flaw, and something which Roccat needs to address ASAP.

Sporting a right-handed design, the Kone XTD is very large in the hand. In comparison to other, regular mice I’ve used, it definitely feels a lot larger, although I imagine this is a common trait of gaming mice. The mouse is quite sharply curved, with a groove on the left for your thumb. Your index finger goes on the shorter left mouse button, and your longer middle finger extends to the edge of the right mouse button. Your final two fingers must then grip onto the right edge of the mouse. Both mouse buttons extend into the rest of the mouse – they are not separate.
Between the two mouse buttons, there is an assignable button, followed by the five-way scroll wheel (which has distinct clicks as you scroll), followed by two more assignable buttons. On the left edge of the mouse there are two more assignable buttons, making for a total of 12 different moving parts.
Along each edge of the mouse, two transparent strips with LEDs behind them allow the user to customise the colour of the mouse. On the rear of the mouse there is a large Roccat logo, as well as the ‘Roccat Kone KTD’ branding on the front left, although the ‘Roccat’ part is in blue, which is unfortunate.
The compartment for extra weight resides under the mouse. This allows the user to add up to 20 grams more (in 5 gram increments) to the 123 grams the mouse already weighs). The underside also houses three points for the mouse to glide across, the laser sensor and the obnoxiously large serial number and other information. One thing I’ve found is the lid to the compartment for extra weight is somewhat difficult to get back on, despite the arrows and other diagrams. Finally, the 1.8m cable is braided as opposed to plastic, which is a nice touch.

But what would all the customisation and aesthetics be without a mouse than can move your cursor. I am pleased to report that the Kone XTD ticks this box. Moving more advanced, the 10.8 megapixel sensor polls at 1000Hz, with a built in tracking and distance control unit, allowing users to calibrate their exact surface and control how far they can lift off their mouse before it stops tracking. The mouse has 30G acceleration at 3.8m/s (150ips).
With those tech specs out of the way, I’ve found the mouse to have the right amount of weight distributed across the mouse for a balanced feel. Using 15g of extra weight in conjunction with the ‘speed’ side of a Razer Vespula, the mouse tracks well, and responds to each movement. Putting the mouse up to full sensitivity and DPI, even a slight movement causes the mouse to move thousands of pixels.
In FPS games, the mouse responded like I expected once I found the right sensitivity for me. This is something you will need to experiment with. The Kone XTD is ridiculously accurate and allowed me to hit multiple enemies in quick succession. A great feature was when I was going to snipe someone in a stealth mission, I brought the sensitivity down, without leaving the game, enabling for a more accurate and thus successful shot.

As a mouse alone, the Roccat Kone XTD is fantastic, offering greater accuracy and speedier movements than otherwise possible on a mouse. With the range of sensitivity and DPI options available, the mouse caters for many different specific use cases and scenarios.
As an all-in-one macro creator, computer controller, colour-changing desk accessory, the Kone XTD has potential and the ability to be some great. But with the poor software accompanying it, many of the promised features are not able to be enabled, and the user is stuck with 5 default profiles. Should a driver or firmware update become available, my opinion on this mouse may change, and thus the $70 AUD I paid for it may become a good use of money. Unfortunately, many of the features can’t be used and thus I have to conclude that, while this is a great mouse, does not fulfil what was promised.
ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customisation 8200DPI Pro Aim R3 Laser Sensor PC Gaming Mouse

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