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Roccat Kova 2016


Pros: 3320 sensor. Dimensions (not necessarily shape) good for large hands / palm grip. Coating "grippy" for dry hands. Good balance. Extra button position.

Cons: Space-ship appearance. 3m/s may not be quite enough for all low-sensers. Coating doesn't "feel" premium. Heavier than competitors.

Ah yes, another somewhat random mouse I'm reviewing. This is another victim of "eh, there's nothing else out I really want so this will fill the void".

So what's to really say about this mouse from a realistic perspective. Let's start off by addressing the fact RJN's video is probably the most popular opionion piece on this mouse atm, and it's not so positive. I'm not here to be a counter-weight to his statements or "sway" anyone. I just want to provide a different perspective. So let's address some things.

Build Quality: My unit has no wonky left click, or any button for that matter. It feels quite solid as a whole, which is typical from what I've experienced from Roccat. IMO Roccat, Logitech and Mionix are the top 3 (no particular order, depends on individual product) when it comes to this category. The Kova '16 has no creak, rattle or "give" to it. IMO the only complaint anyone could realistically have is the "cheapish" feel the plastic (which coats essentially the entire mouse) gives off. I don't mind this at all, mainly because it still feels comfortable/non-irritating (some coatings literally rub me the wrong way). But also, it provides a great grip. And since it covers the entire mouse it's not just the sides providing this, but whatever part of your hand that comes into contact w/ it however you may hold it.

Shape/Design: I'll attempt to use my words wisely hear, becaue this is very subjective topic. I also don't want to seem as if I'm contradicting myself based on what I've said about other mice around the forum. I have 21.5cm hands. My main issue with mice (outside of the aforementioned coating) is there's always some sort of tradeoff. You see, the raw "dimensions of a mouse really mean very little because the way those dimensions are actually "distributed" vary so much that it shouldn't be taken as an indicator of anything.

As far as the Kova '16 goes, it's a win for me due to a couple reasons. 1) It's long enough to either claw or palm without arranging my hand into an inevitably cramp-inducing position. 2) The "butt" of the mouse is rounded (design-wise it looks almost like a separate piece). Since it "pops out", it's width (as well as shape) supports my thumb and provides a stable grip for quick "snaps" and micro-adjustments in-game. One mouse that I still own which does the same is the Avior 7000. This mouse has a better shape.

...oh, and they positioned the side-buttons in a way that doesn't aggrevate the daylight out of me. You can say what you want about how "gamery" this mouse looks but some thought definitely went into the design of this product.

Weight: This mouse is around 100g or something. Doesn't really matter, it's heavier than what'd be ideal. But it's in-line with the other large ambi mice (Avior, Hori Edge). I was actually interested in the DM1 (which is notably lighter) until I realized the god-tier "Sensei-shape" isn't actually what suits me best. The front of that shape is to low in the front to support ring/pinky. The back is almost too wide and for whatever reason I sort of have to "pinch" the mouse rather than hold it.

Sensor: I'm pretty much done talking about sensors because at this point most users are either A) too much of an elitist to use a mouse w/ anything other than their preferred one or B) too casual to care or truly be affected in-game.

But yeah, the 3320 is nice. I like Roccat's implementation of it more than I did on the Xornet II. Why exactly I don't know, but this is a more usable shape and the DPI steps are actually correct rolleyes.gif. 400/800/1600 are all I'd ever use for anything and they all seem to top out right before 3m/s. In other words if the G100s isn't "enough" for you neither are any of the 3320 mice, generally speaking.

Software: After the software/firmware update Swarm works fine on Win10. Lighting complements the white shell well.

Conclusion: I've said all I really wanted. I'd honestly love a "stripped down" lighter, 3-button version..with the same exact shape and a 3360 sensor. I know I've talked about other large ambi mice in the past (Avior, Edge, FM TP) but IMO this is the true darkhorse in the category (even tho I got the white one redface.gif) and deserves consideration. Much like the others, if you can deal with the weight then don't let the appearance and shape stop you from at least putting your hands on one.



Pros: Unique button positioning, good software interface

Cons: Terrible sensor, terrible feet, heavy,

This mouse has my preferred button positions and I was curious to check it out as it had mixed reviews and even mixed opinions on some things.

The buttons are simply personal preference, they are kind of like the PSX buttons but more extreme, the ones beside the LM RM have a tactile click followed by cushioning.

"infact my $10 logitech wireless laptop mouse had no problems on dirty wrinkled paper while this one stuttered and failed miserably."

Its obvious this mouse came out of the same factory as a Razer mouse but I have never had a razer mouse track as bad as this, infact my $10 logitech wireless laptop mouse had no problems on dirty wrinkled paper while this one stuttered and failed miserably.

The mouse is the heaviest I have used which I guess is another preference thing.

The mouse rocks diagonally due to wonky design or wonky feet.

Anyway I have given it 1 star for button layout and 1/2 a star for good software GUI. Too bad it fails everywhere else.
Roccat Kova 2016

3500-7000DPI Optical mid level mouse from the Brand. Unique button placement and ambidextrous design.

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