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ROCCAT Kova+ ROC-11-520 Black Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

50% Positive Reviews
Rated #65 in Mice


Pros: Nice feel, grip and ambidextrous.

Cons: Kinda weird and uncomfortable pinky position

I say over the almost 2 years of using this mouse it's just amazing! Totally recommend it!


Pros: LED changing ability, EasyShift[+] button almost doubling shortcut possibilities. Overall good looks

Cons: May be too light or too small for some. Almost claw grip only. Cursor may skip on higher sensitivity in driver.

Been using this mouse for a few months, and thought I would review it since nobody else on OCN has. The below may contain excerpts of what I've typed in threads/messages before.


Aesthetics is of my concern when buying computer parts, so take my opinion as you will. This mouse looks really good in my opinion. I personally do not prefer "design-less" mice like SteelSeries mice or Logitech mice, or even some Razer mice. Although in my honest opinion, this Kova [+] is only second to the Razer Ouroboros in terms of looks, in MY book.

Good build quality as far as I can tell. The rubber coating hasn't worn off at all on my mouse, which is used daily, almost 24/7, for the last few months. Does not feel cheap and is comfortable once you're used to it.

Click quality is good. It is a rather small mouse in comparison to others, mind you, where I had to switch to claw grip of some sort to get used to the mouse. (Not regretting it though). This is because I was a heavy palm gripper and with a lot of other mice, this one especially, I find my resting middle finger always accidentally right clicking because of the finger weight and how I held mice before.

My last mouse' scroll click stopped working, and as a tab-browser, I had to get a new mouse. The LED changing function and the scroll click are why I got this mouse. The colour changing function caught my eye as I switch theme of my rig/desktop very frequently, so much so that I got 256 colours fans to match. The colours (except the yellow) are brilliant. The green is Razer green, the purple is great and not pinkish (Think Xigmatek/Bitfenix purple?), but there is pink to choose from for those who do want pink. The default neon-Roccat blue is also brilliant, not to mention the red, which is solid and not white-ish. The colours seem good and not cheap. And then there is the royal blue which differs from Roccat's default neon-blue.

Keep in mind that when you hold down the Easy Shift button the lights do turn to the royal blue. AFAIK there is no way around that, not in the driver either.

Please do know that the bottom buttons, or, buttons 5 and 7 (The side buttons closer to palm) are the only ones able to be assigned as the advertised "Easy Shift [+]" button, although these buttons can be set as normal shortcut/function/macro.

I have always set it to 1000Hz from day one, so I wouldn't know the "latency" at the lower settings. Why settle for lower?


I'm just slightly disappointed I could not switch colour according to the profile due to the mouse not being able to update firmware. Oh well it's just a matter of opening the driver and changing it that way really.

I don't know how you feel on mouse accuracy, but personally I feel the max 3200 DPI is a bit slow, and if you turn up the sensitivity in driver. (Keeping 6/11 in Windows settings to get exact movement without Windows interference), the cursor does skip a tiny bit when sensitivity gets higher. I personally like less hardware movement to correspond to movement on screen, so this is the only "drawback" for me.

EDIT: There is slight prediction. Some may not like that.


Watch out for the scroll click/wheel. A lot of people have complained about Roccat's scroll and it has been a common problem, and to a certain extent, mind as well. But it is perfectly working. Just a thought to keep in mind.

Aside from the click (right click, to be precise) from being a bit too light/soft for my taste, it's a good overall mouse. Nothing a claw grip won't fix lol.

There might be prediction, but I'm not experienced enough to differ. I can tell you my gaming/working has not been impeded by this mouse, so to each their own.


Even though I've had this mouse for a few months now, I'm still adjusting and finding what's best for me. My last mouse that dictated my grip wasn't chosen by me but given to me by a friend. Granted it was a decent mouse and served me a few years. (Was a Rapoo V2)

If I had to get another mouse within this budget, I won't look elsewhere. The build feel good, albeit a tiny bit too plastic-y when you hold it tight with force and it has a slight plastic squeak (what mice don't?), and the matte/rubber plastic overall offers a good aesthetic and feel. The colour changing ability is sure to keep you entertained for longer too, if you're in love with your own peripherals like me.

EDIT: Forced to downgrade it to a 2.5 rating. Sensor is hardware interpolated with no ability to turn off, and the mouse cannot be firmware updates at all even though there is a firmware version. I wish I would have googled more into mice sensors to find out this Kova [+] has a gimped PixArt sensor as opposed to others in the Roccat line having Avago and what not. Hell, even the Kova non plus has a better sensor. There is no true 3200 DPI, and I doubt it's even 1600 native. I would say it's closer to 800 native with the higher ones being artificial and interpolated.

Severely disappointed, especially at Roccat for the customer service and lack of support.
ROCCAT Kova+ ROC-11-520 Black Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Hand Orientation: Both Hands Maximum dpi: 3200 dpi Operating System Supported: Windows XP/Windows Vista 32/64-bit/Windows 7 32/64-bit System Requirement: USB 2.0 port Internet connection for driver installation Features: Maximum Precision Pro-Optic Gaming Sensor can be configured at 400, 800, 1600 or 3200dpi Easy-Shift[+] Button Duplicator assign two function to the buttons for 8 additional functions Ergonomic V-Shape for left or right-handers Roccat Driver + Macro Manager including predefined Macro Presets for games, multimedia + office apps Soft-Touch Coating for comfort + confident control Roccat Griptech Side Areas with non-slip stabilization zones Rubberized Mouse Wheel for optimum grip + comfort Customizable Light System choose your own favorite custom color Sound Feedback profile, dpi and sensitiv...

Model NumberROC-11-520
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