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A Review On: ROCCAT TAITO Control - Endurance Gaming Mouse Pad (ROC-13-170-AM)

ROCCAT TAITO Control - Endurance Gaming Mouse Pad (ROC-13-170-AM)

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Pros: Sensor tracking, durable edges,

Cons: Doesn't lay flat, slight side to side movement

Roccat Taito Control

Let me first start off by saying I've used Roccat Taito 3mm-mid for two years four months consecutively and the pad I'll be comparing Control to and will refer to it as 'original'.

When I read the Taito Control description "embroidered edges" to keep pad from fraying I wondered. I considered my original Taito that lasted 2 years without fraying better than average in durability. I had two original Taito's for two rigs. Top cloth peeled away on one from the bottom rubber pad and the other just minimal fray. After two years on any pad I think that's great IMO. Seems like a marketing move to appease durability advocates and embroidered edges solidifies the deal.

Enter Taito Control. It's marketed by Roccat for a "balance of speed and control", excelling in neither but does well in both.

Comes packaged in a square plastic and cardboard box with mat rolled inside. When first laid out on the table it did not lay flat with embroidered edges wavy. Turned upside down it bows like a taco shell. Underneath is a rubber base with lined rubber bristles. When I turned it right side up and laid it down, I tried to move it and with fingers or flat palm it does have some wiggle side to side with slide. Not perfect and I think it's just where the edges aren't griping, the center seems to stay still. May be just my wood desk and not on all surfaces, will have to see in time from other user reports.

Unfortunately I had to go through a 24 to 48 hour flattening ritual. Turned it upside down and laid heavy weight flattening the bowed shape down and walked away. Can't enjoy it out of the box.

Flattening for 24 hrs on its back, then another 24 hrs right side up with weights on top did flatten fairly well but not completely. There's pros and cons to embroidered pads; pros is durability from fraying. Cons is harder to lay flat due to stiffness of stitched edges which needs to be worked in more or may never lay completely flat perhaps. My regular Taito laid flat after the ceremony unfortunate Control doesn't.

See pictures below which include underneath, side, and comparison of tops between original and control taito

When I laid my hand upon it for the first time it feels smooth but not nearly as smooth as original. It's not abrasive but it does give back a lot more resistance in the cloth fibers. The embroidered edges are made of cloth. Flattening, though not completely, did not help with bottom rubberized grip and still had slight side to side movement on my desk.

The embroidered edges did not bother me when I did game, even with fast swiping nor was prominent to me when arm fully laying on it.

Logo is located in bottom right hand corner just like original pads logo which is made of a plastic decal. Original logo on Taito lasted the entire two years with barely any fade. It's not an embedded logo made of cloth like Zowie SR series though it's not a problem for me and as long as you don't swipe over those letters.

I'll be honest I only used this pad for a couple days. I felt the sensor tracking was just as accurate. Pad is slower than the original with easier stop which is where the 'control' shines because of the friction the pad gives off. Control has a different feel than original but tracking feels just as accurate on both to me when gaming.

Control does feel it's made of good quality like original and I do see this lasting longer without fraying. I haven't owned this pad long and it's a new product. Overall I'm afraid I cannot recommend this pad, though priced insanely well, it does have faults. I still prefer the original Taito over the Control. I cannot compare this to other embroidered pads as this was my first embroidered pad and impressions of such leaves little to desire.

I feel the reason for the embroidery is for durability yet I already found the original after 2 years very durable with different sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Control will not be for everyone as it only comes in midsize and some who prefer Roccat's king-size would be left out. In the end this is not a Taito upgrade but more for those who might prefer the difference in extra control and doesn't mind the embroidered edges.

Specs: 400 x 320mm with a thickness of 3.5mm

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Original Taito and Taito Control Comparison Pictures (Click to show)


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