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Rosewill Thor V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower


Pros: Comes with several fans, is an easy to use case, has great cable management, can switch side panel fan for 4x 120mm fans if need be.

Cons: Some of the fans could be more powerful especially the top exhaust, the back exhaust seems OK.

This case is big, nice looking and has a lot of room for cable management. It will also fit the biggest video cards and heat sinks on the market. If you're looking for a good bang for buck case this is the one for you. The plastic/rubber grommets do come loose easily, but if you're a bit careful and slide them back as you notice them coming off, you won't have any issues. Has a built in fan controller, I use it for my top and side panel fan. Has all the usual bells and whistles such as thumb screws, a back access for the heat sink, bottom mounted PSU. For the price, it's definitely hard to beat, not a perfect case but a great case for the price.


Pros: One of the Best at keeping your Temperatures Down, Very quiet even at high speeds. Lots of amazing features for such a low price

Cons: The top and front plastic assemblies come off just a little too easy for my taste. Switch for front fan LED is in an odd place.

There is very comprehensive review of this over at Anandtech and I will say that this case goes above and beyond my expectations for the price.

Everything about the case just seeps of quality and thoughtfulness at trying to find the best features for a low price. It has a very solid construction, though I am a little hesitant about the top and front plastic assemblies. Though they are very secure, all it takes is some prying to pop them off. I wouldn't recommend removing them too often to avoid wearing down the plastic tabs that hold it in place. I would have preferred a slightly different method such as screws or squeeze tabs, but as long as they aren't taken off frequently, there is no fear of the pieces falling apart.

There is plenty of room in this case for everything from an XL-ATX motherboard, up to a 240mm radiator if you are into liquid cooling system. It comes OOB with 4 fans, 3 of them being 230mm. The front one shines with a Red LED that can easily be turned with a switch that is certainly in a weird, hard to reach spot. It hides between the slits that run down the sides of the front, close to the bottom fan, so you have to bend down really low to turn it off if you so desire.

The front panel is very nice, with 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 Ports, as well as two fan speed knobs that can control up to 10 fans, and an e-SATA port. With 6 5.25 external bays, one of them an optional 3.5 for a card reader, there is plenty of room for your dvd/blu-ray drive and other peripherals you might want to slide into those slots. The tool-less design makes it very easy to swap out drives.

On the inside, you have 10 Expansion slots, and 6 HDD bays. The HDD bays come with rubber grommets for mounting mechanical drives that really help minimize the sound. There are also rubber grommets to rest the power supply.

All in all, I really love this case. I have everything turned on a max speed, and I don't even hear a hum. It is a really great case that I would highly recommend to my friends and family.
Rosewill Thor V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower

Named after a powerful but arrogant warrior, the Rosewill THOR V2 gaming ATX full tower computer case has a stately aesthetics and functional design for enthusiasts and hard-core gamers. Spacious interior with E-ATX / XL-ATX motherboard support, tremendous air flow and rock solid construction are the main appealing features. Also included are other advanced features such as advanced cable management, screw-less design for 3.5"/5.25" drives, bottom-placed PSU design with dust filter, water cooling support making the Rosewill THOR V2 a second to none choice for your next PC. Two USB 3.0 connectors and one eSATA port at top of the chassis enable blazing fast data exchange with the latest digital devices.

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