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Rosewill Wind Knight


Pros: A fairly-cheap case with spacious room, has a tool free design

Cons: Didn't support my ATX mobo off-hand, simplistic & cheap design alongside poor latch design

Don't buy this case, simple as that (If you can bother to find a store that still has them in-stock.) It's a nice case, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could fit my Gigabyte 6950 (The 11.4" tri-fan model) within it and still have some open space between it and my HDDs. The front and back came preinstalled with fans, the front with a bright-LED fan (Which isn't bad, just very cliche with how most 'gaming' cases use blue-LEDs) and the back having a basic-black fan, both 140mm. The front and bottom comes with filters for dust, which needs cleaning every week or so. Honestly, a respectable case for the price, although it does seems cheap in build quality.

My real gripe about the case was the tool-free design, where I managed to break one of the latches to secure a HDD slot. The GPU latches have remained fine, although they don't stay up so trying to fit my video card actually led to small cuts and bruises, which was unpleasant at the time. As for my problem with the mobo, no idea why it didn't work properly in the first place. I had to modify it a bit so it could fit my mobo perfectly (Just seemed to be off slightly.)

So in reality, I would go and say this case isn't worth it. I don't know why it isn't in stock at most stores anymore, but I would recommend going with something more reliable.
Rosewill Wind Knight

The Rosewill Wind Knight was launched for a short-time, being a mid-sized tower with a fair amount of space capable of fitting 12" video cards as well as M-ATX and ATX motherboards. Featuring two-included 120mm fans with the availability of having two-120/140mm side-fans, a top-fan fitting a 120mm fan, and finally a behind the cpu spot to fit a slim-line 80mm fan. Its noticeable features is the tool-free design.

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