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Ryse: Son of Rome (PC)

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Pros: Graphics, audio, incredible exacutions.

Cons: very short, repetative

Story: You play as an up and rising Roman Soldier whose family gets killed and seek for revenge. You will try to figure out the murderers as well as try to save Rome.

Gameplay: Ryse is a 3rd person hack and slash game which is best played with a gamepad if you ask me. Combat is not hard, however gets repetetive after a while. There are few enemy types and they can all be dealt with easily. Boss fights were kinda boring as well, because all you do is rather evade or block than counter attack for every single boss (which are luckily very few) .The way where the gameplay really shines is the exacutions. When the enemy is about to die there is a red skull on him, so what you have to do is push the assigned button to enter the exacution stance. From there depending on the enemy or where he is located, you get a slow motion effect of killing him visciously. If this feature was not added, the gameplay would be less interesting for sure. The game also has a terrible spear fighting at times which is just unoriginal and boring. Also there are few locations where you can ask for aid from your fellow warriors which come in handy at times.

Graphics: Definitely the best part of the game is the graphics department. Game was a joy to watch. Everything was modeled very well such as locations, far away structures, your enemies, etc... I played the game with a 21:9 ratio monitor and it felt like a movie at times. Anyone with a 4K monitor is also in a treat with this game. Definitely one of the best visual games in this era for PC.

Audio: Voice acting, soundtrack and ingame sounds were done pretty good. Not as great as the graphics department but it was enjoyable to watch the cutscenes. (though they had a lower resolution)

Length: 5 hours for Singleplayer with a Hard difficulty. Could take even less for others.

Multiplayer: I played few minutes of multiplayer and to be fair it was not bad at all. The game placed me at the Colleseum with another player and we hade to hold off waves of enemies and defeat them. It was surely fun however I doubt it is the multiplayer game anyone is looking for. Matter of fact I doubt anyone would invest much time on the multiplayer portion of the game.

Replay Value: None for the singleplayer. Once you play it, I doubt you will ever visit the game unless you have a sudden urge of playing a game where you are a Roman Centurion. Multiplayer is not bad at all but I also doubt much time will be spent there.

Verdict: If you can find the game for 10$ or lower and want to have some old Roman action with pretty graphics, this game will keep you occupied for a short while. It is not a bad game at all, but I wish developers would have spent more time on the story and gameplay to take it to a better level. 3 stars. Avoid the game if it is more than 10$.
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Ryse: Son of Rome (PC)

A Riveting Story of Roman Revenge - Journey to the heart of the Roman Empire and experience the brutality of battle like never before as "Ryse: Son of Rome" comes to PC with support for glorious 4K resolution. Continuing Crytek's legacy for groundbreaking games, Ryse pushes PC hardware to its limits whilst drawing players deep into the bloody drama of ancient Rome. "Ryse: Son of Rome" is an immersive action-adventure story of struggle, brutality and heroism. It follows a fearless Roman soldier named Marius Titus who joins the army to avenge the slaying of his family and emerges as a hero who must fight to save the Roman Empire. Ryse: Son of Rome" presents a cinematic re-creation of the Roman Empire, its people, conflicts and landscapes in breathtaking detail and brings the brutality and intensity of Roman warfare to life in visceral detail. Fight as a soldier. Lead as a general. Rise as a legend.

BindingVideo Game
BrandDeep Silver
FeatureThe complete Ryse experience / Bonus Content- The PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome bundles the original Xbox One launch hit with all DLC including: The Coliseum Pack, The Mars' Chosen Pack, The Duel of Fates Pack, The Morituri Pack and much more Taking full advantage of the PC - Uses 4K Gaming and the power of Crytek's CRYENGINE and the latest High-End PC gaming technology to present conflict in the Roman Empire like you've never seen it before Next-generation cinematic immersion - Marius' tale of revenge comes to life through new advancements in performance capture, allowing players to interact with believably realistic characters Brutally intense combat - Delivers a visceral, brutally realistic combat experience with epic-scale battles; Relive the ruthless history of ancient Rome as you engage in raw close-quarters combat against the barbarian hordes Cooperative gladiatorial combat in the Coliseum - Fight alongside a friend against an ever-changing array of enemies and challenges, to the roar of thousands of spectators
LabelDeep Silver
ManufacturerDeep Silver
PlatformWindows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista
PublisherDeep Silver
StudioDeep Silver
TitleRyse: Son of Rome
Item Height0.6 inches
Item Length7.5 inches
Item Width5.3 inches
Package Height0.6 inches
Package Length7.5 inches
Package Weight0.3 pounds
Package Width5.3 inches
ProductGroupVideo Games
UPCList - UPCListElement816819012321
Item Weight0.4 pounds
OperatingSystemWindows 8
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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