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Saitek Black & Silver Wired Illuminated Keyboard

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Pros: Easy to use, cheap, good gaming keyboard

Cons: None

This is a review for the Saitek Eclipse II keyboard as seen in the above picture but named incorrectly.

This keyboard is a follow up to the successful Saitek Eclipse I keyboard, neither of which are available anymore which is a shame as this is such a good keyboard. I used to own one of these KB's a while back but it broke and I tried the Saitek Eclipse Litetouch, but didnt like that at all due to it having half sized or laptop style keys on it. I searched for ages and managed to pick up this keyboard on ebay, thankfully it was in great condition.

The SE2 is as simple a keyboard as youll ever find, includes the usual full QWERTY layout, a small light control dial in the top right corner to control the level of brightness when the keys are set to illuminate. It also includes volume up/down button, pause/play/stop button, mute/light on.off button, fast forward/rewind button.

You can choose between blue, red or pink to illumnate the keys, i prefer the pink colour as this is the brightest colour in my opinion and easiest to use at night. All the keys are easily recognizable in a dark room when illuminated and gaming /typing is easy.

One problem I had with this keyboard, albeit probably my fault, is that I like to move my KB around alot on the desk and one day whilst pulling it down using the up/down arrows one of the keys broke, so I swapped it for the least used key on my KB, which was the .DEL button from my numpad. But it works as good as new since swapping, so not really a con but be weary that the keys can snap away when pulling on them.

All in All a great keyboard, cheap, good quality build, easy to use at night. 5/5
Saitek Black & Silver Wired Illuminated Keyboard

Featuring a unique backlit look, the Saitek Eclipse II is ideal if you are a gamer who likes to game in the dark. Laser-etched keys lend the keyboard an elegant, slightly menacing appearance. Fully adjustable, the glow can be tuned to the barest light or greatest glow. The cushioned keys are soft, quiet and smooth, and cause almost no stress to your fingertips. The media control buttons, like volume control, play or pause, and forward and backward keys, let you perform many media related tasks with one-button ease. The detachable palm rest provides comfortable nesting to your wrists and hands. With good looks and a great feel, this keyboard can meet your every keying desire. Mouse Included: No Palm Rest: Detachable Normal Keys: 104 Operating System Supported: Windows XP, XP64 and Windows Vista (all versions) Windows 7 Features: Key characters and keypad illuminate through laser-etched keys Media keys for volume control, play/pause and skip tracks Variable backlighting adjusts through dimmer mechanism Angle adjustment and extendable wrist rest for maximum comfort to suit the way you type Weighted base with large area rubber feet to keep keyboard securely planted Parts: 1 year limited Labor: 1 year limited

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