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Samsung BX2431


Pros: LED backlit, very light, very low power consumption, extremely thin, amazing contrast ratio, 2x HDMI in, 2ms response time

Cons: 60Hz, base doesn't "feel" sturdy, but does the job fine

I upgraded to this monitor from a previous 24" 1920x1200 HP LCD monitor. This does feel a little bit shorter, but that just takes some getting used to. The response time on this thing is extremely good, 2ms compared to 5ms of most other panels. That said, I still can't tell the difference between this and my old 5ms panel. The only real downside to this panel was that it is only 60Hz, but I knew that when I was buying.

The colour reproduction - especially the blacks, are amazing. Everything seems much more vibrant and colorful. In darker scenes in movies and games, this really does make a difference in what you can see. I no longer have to turn up the brightness and stare at an extremely washed out image with this monitor. Everything is very crisp and clear. I'm no color expert, but to me, this panel delivers an amazing range of vibrant colors.

The included dual HDMI ports are very useful when you're working with two machines - you no longer have to settle for a low quality VGA port, although it is there if needed.
The panel is extremely thin with a little bulge around the base. The low power consumption is a big bonus - it barely draws 0.3W on idle.

The included software, like with just about any manufacturer, its completely useless. Most of the time, they don't work because they crash instantly on start-up. However, trust me, you will not miss them. Pretty useless as far as software goes.

Overall, this is an excellent monitor mainly for its very small footprint as well as its power consumption. The colors produced by this panel are also extremely good for just about any consumer. I would buy this again if needed - especially for a dual or triple monitor set-up since the bezels are quite thin.
Samsung BX2431

Samsung continues to develop better monitors for your entertainment as well as for the planet, like the BX2431. This 24" ultra-thin LCD monitor features LED backlight to yield a brighter screen with less energy, cutting power consumption by up to 40% compared to conventional CCFL monitors. The BX2431 has a native 1920x1080 resolution, speedy 2ms response time and mega dynamic contrast ratio for incredibly detailed pictures. A full suite of Samsung’s Magic Technologies works in the background to maximize your viewing experience. The MagicBright 3 automatically optimizes brightness, contrast and gamma correction, based on the mode you choose. MagicAngle lets everyone view crisp images from just about every angle. So, hook the stylishly thin BX2431 into your system and enjoy the best for work and play, as well as for our planet.

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