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Samsung P2770H

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Pros: Monitor itself is gorgeous, 1080p, picture is incredible

Cons: Expensive at time of purchase, dust shows up easily, large size is difficult to transport anywhere, warranty/customer service

Purchased in April of 2010 on a whim because my 19'' Acer died just as its warranty had expired.

Well, what can I say? This monitor is awesome, I can't see myself going any smaller than 27'' in the future now that I've been utterly spoiled by this one.

Resolution is 1920x1080, 2ms response time, picture is just crystal perfect. The black portions of the monitor (including the base/stand) are all glossy piano black. On the edge of the monitor portion itself, there is a transparent lining that gives the monitor a very classy touch. Watching movies and playing games is an absolute joy on a monitor this large. Not to mention, porn is that much better on the big screen. Let's be real, we all do it.

As it is glossy piano black, dust shows up quite easily. It's not too difficult to clean, just something to make note of with this particular monitor. The power button along with the option/function buttons are not physical buttons, but touch buttons instead. On the bottom right hand corner, the monitor responds to you touching it which I find strange. Typically when the monitor is on, only the power button light is active. When you want to adjust any settings, you "touch" the screen to the left of the power button and a row of menu/option buttons are suddenly illuminated. Very pretty, but seems unnecessary.

Though none of these things are really cons. My only concern with this monitor was when Newegg listed the warranty as 3 years and Samsung had listed it as 1 year (I didn't find this out until after the purchase). When I tried to get some clarification on the warranty from both parties (multiple attempts with both), I was basically given the runaround. Newegg told me that they had been given the information from Samsung so I should contact them. Samsung said it's Newegg's responsibility to supply the proper information. Awesome, let's hope I never have to deal with warranty service through these guys. Pretty poor customer service on both fronts.

I've had this monitor for 19 months now yet I have no idea if it's out of warranty or not. Will most likely not purchase another Samsung product in the future simply because of this. Customer service is extremely important to me and I was treated like a peasant. Would probably give this monitor a 5/5 if it wasn't for the warranty issue.
Samsung P2770H

27" P2770H Touch of Colour widescreen LCD monitor.

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