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A Review On: Samsung S27A950D 27-Inch Class 3D LED Monitor (Black)

Samsung S27A950D 27-Inch Class 3D LED Monitor (Black)

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Pros: Fast 120hz, little to none input lag, thin Bezel nice stand

Cons: No Nvidia 3D Vision.

I Love this Monitor I created a FAQ bellow to help some people with questions. This FAQ was created based on my own knowledge of the monitor and may not be the office response Samsung might give to these questions.

I have no regreats at all buying this monitor.


Q: What kind of input lag would I encounter ?
A: All owners I have talked with have encountered no noticeable input lag. Review

Q : What is the difference between SA750 and SA950 ?
A: The differences is the stand and SA750 has no DVI input. The panels are the same and all other specs should line up. (You will have to use DisplayPort for 120hz no adapters for SA750)

Q: The T27A950 is more expensive that means it's better right ?
A: No, the 'T' Monitors are really for TV it has no DVI port and is for someone that watches TV and plays XBOX this is not for computers.

Q: I really want to make sure I have 120hz what will I need ?
A: Most all video cards will have no problem displaying 120hz with no increased GPU load. You will need a Dual Link DVI output and Dual Link DVI-D cable or DisplayPort output and cable. (DVI to DisplayPort adapters won't work but DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D Adapters will work) (Adapters are for SA950 only and work with DisplayPort as Source [GPU] to Dual Link DVI-D)

Q: Will this work with Nvidia GPU ?
A: Yes and No, for the 120hz it works great. It is as smooth as butter on my 570's in SLI. BUT this will not work fully with Nvidia 3D Vision. 2D to 3D conversion works the same and also built in 3D in games like Crysis 2 with built in SBS 3D (Side by Side) works flawlessly with Nvidia or AMD. (Edit: The 3D Vision emulator seems to work well if you set your response time to Normal it will eliminate ghosting.)

Q: Will they ever add support for Nvidia 3D Vision ?
A: Most likely Never, Nvidia claims they didn't work with them in creating the monitor (Pay them royalties)

Q: Is the screen reflections to much ?
A: I say No, the best screen I ever owned where glossy screens. On laptop outdoors this would be a problem but this is for indoors. If you don't have lighting directly behind you I'm quit confident you won't have any issues with the reflections and will love this monitor like as we all do.

Q: Well I have Nvidia. So should I look for another monitor since it don't support 3D vision ?
A: I think you should ask your self how much 3D do you plan on playing. Because with the emulator I was able to play for hours and thats all I really wanted. I too own Nvidia and have no regrets owning this monitor I bought it for 120hz, and a little 3D game play. Most 3D setups give me a head ache. So most people that are shopping for a 3D monitor thinking they will actually be playing 3D games every night are really deceiving themselves because its not as practical as you may think I even feel dizy hours after I played and it is not always going to work on any and every game either don't matter what monitor you have or what GPU you have both sides have issues with setup and drivers and troubleshooting will be a given. But the colors on these monitor along with the 120hz which is Amazing and low input lag really in my opinion set it apart from all the rest of the monitors currently on the market (as of 10/28/2011) despite whether you have Nvidia or AMD.


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