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A Review On: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 100314-3L Video Card

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 100314-3L Video Card

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i know many people on this site love this card. as far as features, i consider it a regression from the 3870.

i like tweaking my components to run the way i want. this card does not allow it.
you can't change the bios in any way or it won't turn on. so you can't change fan speed or voltages for different power states in bios.

the stock cooler is garbage. the heatsink only has three heatpipes, is very thin, and is pretty cheaply constructed. consequentially, when it tries to cool itself it sounds like a screaming banshee. and not in a good way. at any speed the fan is annoying, and it actually disallows you from turning it off completely with software.
i tried removing the plastic shroud to reduce temps along with various fan configurations. i removed the stock fan and replaced it with 3 80mm fans which actually worked pretty good, much quieter. i ended up replacing it altogether with an aftermarket solution.

i don't really like sapphire trixx either, it doesn't have 2d control. but it's the only software i can get to change the voltage on the card.

neither the core nor ram on this card overclocks well. even with the max 1.3v it shows "yellow box" errors in furmark at very moderate OC. i'm talking as little as 20mhz. i even see white speckles at stock voltage and clocks...

there are no stock heatsinks on the vram, vrm, or anything else.

there are two onchip temperature sensors, memIO and shader.

it does have two dvi ports which i like. woopty do.

despite its shortcomings, it does perform pretty well. it does almost constant 60fps in skyrim with tons of textures and 1080p, overall very smooth even when it dips fps. BF3 is not as good but it's a terrible console port so i won't go there.

it's a travesty that people pay upwards of $170 for this card. i'm happy with its performance for what i paid. i would not recommend this card to anyone serious about hardware as it will be a disappointment.


you are expecting too much out of it. seriously this is the cheapest one you can buy. for the money, i was pleasantly surprised. i got the gpu i wanted, and the entry level cooler turned out to be halfway decent.
the cheapest one what you can buy?