SAPPHIRE Tri-X Nitro Fury

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SAPPHIRE Tri-X Nitro Fury

The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 FURY is based on an exciting new GPU from AMD that combines Graphics Core Next architecture with the revolutionary high bandwidth memory (HBM). Cooled by the award-winning Tri-X cooler, the new NITRO FURY now comes with the SAPPHIRE original PCB design with enhanced power design for better power efficiency. The design goal of new SAPPHIRE NITRO FURY is cool, quiet and overclockable.for gamers who wants the best out of its class Equipped with a SAPPHIRE original PCB design. An improved robust and efficient power design. A 20% improvement in the reduction of the VRM temperature. Better connectivity: Native support of DL-DVI-D, plus HDMI + DP x 3. Minimal Coil Whine. Choke has been fine tuned to minimize the coil whine.

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