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Scythe Kama 92mm PWM Fan

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Pros: PWM -- 55CFM / 2500RPM @ 31dBA -- inaudible at 1300RPM -- NO CLICKING

Cons: Cable length could be longer

From the packaging:
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current: 0.18A
Fan Speed: 300~2500RPM (+/- 10%)
Noise Level: 7.2~31.07dbA
Air Flow: 6.7~55.55CFM
Weight: 90g / 2.91oz
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
MTBF: 30,000 hours
-- Cable length is 30cm from the motor.
-- 2pin/molex adapter included.

The loudest fan in my case is a single NZXT 140mm that came with the Havik 140 CPU cooler. It runs at 1200RPM and produces a medium whirr sound---not silent, but not at all annoying. It's a very high quality sound for lack of a better term.

Around the rest of the case are a few Enermax T.B. Silence 140mm fans which run at low-speed (~600RPM) and are completely silent (<20dB).

When I ordered two Scythe Kamas for the Gelid Icy Vision VGA cooler I assumed they would become the loudest ones, even at lower speeds while on the desktop.

I was wrong--they're awesome.

The minimum speed I have set at 50% (~1400RPM) while on the desktop. At that setting they are totally inaudible over the medium-quiet NZXT fan on the CPU cooler.

Not until 60% speed (~1600RPM) can I hear them at all, and even then it's only by comparison to the lower setting.

Once they've reached 70% they will be begin to make the sound of airflow as they blow through the cooler. Completely tolerable.

I didn't mention the cooling? At that speed they keep a 165W Radeon 4870 at 50C under load (using the Gelid).

Even at 80-100% the sound still is not bad at all--not even close to the stock cooler and much better than the Gelid fans they replaced. If I ever need to run them at maximum they'll keep this card at 44C under load, quietly.
Scythe Kama 92mm PWM Fan

Scythe Kama 92mm PWM Fan (DFS922512M-PWM) The Scythe Kama 92mm Fan attaches to any CPU cooler that utilizes a 92mm fan and greatly improves cooling and fan noise compared to your stock fan. The 4-pin PWW connector plugs directly into your PWM BIOS compatible motherboard and allows your BIOS to control your fanís speed. The Scythe Kama 92mm PWM Fan also includes a 4-pin Molex Pass through connector allowing you to use the fan as a standard non-PWM fan in any 92mm fan application! Specifications Model Name: Kama PWM Fan 9cm Model Number: DFS922512M-PWM Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan Dimensions: 92x92x25mm Fan Speed: 0(+200)~2500rpm(±10%) *Note - Fan speed may differ depending on the motherboard you use. Fan Noise: 0-31.07 dBA Airflow: 0-55 CFM Rated Voltage: 12V Rated Current: 0.07A Weight: 90g Connector: 4-pin PWM (4-pin peripheral adapter included) Bearing Type: Sleeve MTBF: 30,000 hours

BindingPersonal Computers
Height36.22 inches
Length9.84 inches
Weight0.31 pounds
Width36.22 inches
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleScythe Kama 92mm PWM Fan
Part Number4571225040417
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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