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A Review On: Scythe SCNJ-4000 Ninja 4 CPU Cooler Heatsink 120mm

Scythe SCNJ-4000 Ninja 4 CPU Cooler Heatsink 120mm

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Pros: Performance, noise, price, aesthetics, and included tools

Cons: Installation on AMD, not durable

Special thanks to Derek of Scythe for getting this sent out to me! You're awesome for sending this monster! Also, I'm straight out of good title names.

Test System Used
  • CPU: AMD FX-8350 (OC: 4.6GHz @ 1.49V)
  • Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3L-1600
  • GPU: Sapphire R9 Fury NITRO 4GB
  • Case: NZXT S340
  • PSU: Thermaltake Tough Power DPS Gold 750W
  • Software: SpeedFan / CPU-Z / Cinebench R15 / Speccy / AMD Overdrive / Windows 10 Professional


Mother of god, this thing was awful to install. On AMD, it requires the stock cooler backplate, and I didn't have one, so I had to buy one. Once I got it, I then have to get this stupid, stupid plate that goes in the middle of the cooler on and screw it down without it popping up (which it does a lot), and that's damn near impossible. I have never, ever dealt with something so stupidly difficult to install, and I hope to never come close to something this difficult. This deserves a 6, even though I should give it a 5 for the atrocious hardware, but the fact that it has both a magnetic screwdriver and a little wrench saved it from a 0.5.

Noise Level

The fan on this thing is soooooooo awesome! It has three modes, high, medium, and low. Low maxes out at around 800RPM with a max of about 0.5mm/H2O, medium does about 1150RPM with about 1.06mm/H2O, and high spins at 1500RPM with ~1.79mm/H2O according to Scythe's site. I'm actually using the fan it came with on high as rear exhaust on my case, and holy nuts, it's still quiet and moves a fair amount of air. I also did this test on the high setting, and it was still one of the quietest coolers ever. Easy 10 here.


This part was what made it up in the end for me. I'll have the thermals listed right below, but here's a hint, it performs insanely well for the price.


  • Lowest: 59.8c from throttle
  • Highest: 47.5c from throttle
  • Average: 50.2c from throttle

CPU-Z Stress Load
  • Lowest: 34.5c from throttle
  • Highest: 28.1c from throttle
  • Average: 29.3c from throttle

Cinebench R15 Load
  • Lowest: 45.6c from throttle
  • Highest: 27.2c from throttle
  • Average: 29.5c from throttle

Just wow. This performance really made it worth ever hour I spent trying to get this thing on. It performs like an $80 cooler for half the price. It also fits in my case, measuring only 155mm tall. That's insane, keep it up with these short monsters and you'll have all my tens!!


When I opened this cooler's box and I saw the top of it, I said "holy piss, that's shiny and pretty". It's absolutely beautiful on top, featuring a polished metal finish and even a shuriken outline too. The heatsink itself is beautiful, and the fan follows a simple monochromatic (is that the right word?) theme, being a simple gray and black. Good job Scythe, 10/10.


This cooler has only two flaws, the installation and the fact that it's fragile beyond belief (was bent when I got it). If you can find this thing under the $50 point and you need a cooler, this is one that I'm going to say you should buy. I love nearly everything about it, except that atrocious mounting hardware on AMD. Hopefully it's easier on Intel, but I don't know, I'm AyyMD, not "Inntel".
  • Performance (40% of the score): 10
  • Noise Level (30% of the score): 10
  • Installation (20% of the score): 7
  • Aesthetics (10% of the score): 10
  • Final Score: 9.4 / 10

Scythe's Site
Ninja 4's Product Page

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Is this icomplete? And how can a horrific installing process get a whopping 7/10 (I'm presuming it's out of 10, you never said it was). Not to mention the temps are quite useless if we don'y know your testing room's ambient temperature.
Fixed the review, and the ambient temperature is 70f/21c.