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A Review On: Seagate Expansion 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

Seagate Expansion 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

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Pros: Cheap, great sequential read times, 3tb platter drive, 7200rpm, USB 3.0

Cons: 2.76tb instead of the listed 3tb, USB 3.0

Absolutely love this little guy. Bought it for storage since I run my boot on a SSD and this drive does it all. Tested it to make sure it work when it arrived, and then tore it apart. Took 10 minutes with a guitar pick and a butter knife to pop all the tabs (no screws on the outer shell) and remove it from the PCB that allows it to use USB 3.0. After that it is just your typical 3000GB platter drive from seagate and it hooks up like any other bare drive you could buy. Just make sure to switch it to GPT and reformat the drive to remove the Seagate software that comes preinstalled. After that I just split it up into 3 volumes; 500GB - 1TB - 1.26TB; and achieved some great results.


for $114 on sale you can't beat it. Just saw it on slickdeals for $90 and almost bought a 2nd just because. Amazing little drive for the money, I can't recommend it enough. Best part is the internal drive HAS ITS OWN WARRANTY! So even if something happens after it is out of the case you can still RMA it.

Only reason I have the USB listed as a pro and a con is because USB 3.0 is good for an external drive, but we all know opening it up and using SATA III is a lot faster.

**Link to my thread where I open the enclosure and remove the 3tb platter drive**


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