Excellent PSU for the money - preliminary review

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Pros: Good voltage regulation & ripple characteristics, fully modular, hybrid fan mode, 140mm length, 10 yr warranty, always made by Seasonic

Cons: Minor things such as stiff ATX cabling at the motherboard end , green PCB

Bought from Newegg. (My older Seasonic unit ran out of warranty so even though it was working fine so I figured I would buy this on sale.)

Like my older Seasonic, this has a cloth bag for the cables.
Like my older Seasonic, this has a wire grille over the fan instead of the trendy hex mesh grilles. This is more silent.

Unlike my older Seasonic, this has cable ties and wire wraps included , has hybrid fan mode button, and is gold level efficiency. The hybrid fan mode button is located on the outside rear of the casing, making it less cumbersome to use.

Flat cabling is used, but other than the motherboard ATX connector being a bit stiff to bend at the end, no complaints. There's an included power cable that is thick 16AWG for you to plug into your power outlet.

There's a few cable ties (zip ties) as well as velcro straps for you to do cable management better.

For a 650W unit I would not expect more than a 8 pin CPU power connector. Anyhow, this has a 4+4 pin CPU power connector and nothing more. The cabling is sufficiently long: my older Seasonic was too short by a few inches. The extra ~10cm of cable length could have allowed me to forgo my existing single sleeved extension but it was a pain to remove so I just reused the single sleeved extension.

The fan used supposedly is a fluid dynamic bearing fan from Hong Hua. The Seasonic Prime also uses this FDB fan. While a Sanyo Denki would have been better, the price doesn't really allow for such extravagances.

Other things:
Packaging was excellent, with thick foam padding used (in addition to a cloth bag around the PSU) instead of cheaper bubble wrap.

I'm not fully sure which readings are correct for this motherboard (not my Ryzen system) but I'll just leave the numbers here to give you an idea of the quality of this PSU.

hwinfo64 reported +12V (also +12V in hwmonitor): 12.024V --- unchanging = 0.2% deviation , older PSU = 12.02-12.17
hwinfo64 reported +3.3V (VCC3 in hwmonitor): 3.324V --- unchanging = 0.7% deviation , older PSU = 3.38
VR VIN ATX +12V in hwinfo: 11.938V-11.969V --- 0.5% deviation
VR VIN ATX +5V in hwinfo: 4.844-4.875 V --- ~ max 3% deviation ---> this reading is not in OCCT , AIDA64, or hwmonitor so this is the one I am not entirely sure is correct
+VCC in hwmonitor : 3.34V , unchanging ---> older PSU 3.32 -3.36
+3.3V in hwmonitor: 3.384V , unchanging --- max 3% deviation , older PSU = 3.38

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