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Seasonic Platinum-1000 1 Kilowatt Power Supply

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Pros: nerd talk suggests its very good, 7 year warranty, fully modular

Cons: expensive, plain looking, cables should have more hook ins

So I ordered this to replace a GX750w which was shutting down from time to time. The full price is crazy high at $260 but its said to be one of the best psu you can buy so i guess the price is fine as there are more expensive units out there. Picked up mine on sale for $240 at NCIX. $305 fully shipped to my door.
I was really impressed with the shipping/packaging of the shipping box but i thought it would weigh more for this price. It was not a gigantic item, just slightly larger than my 750w. Cables came in a seporate (nice) bag and were all sealed. Only two small pieces of paper sitting on top for info. The psu was under some styro lid and when lifting it away the psu was again inside a nice black sleeved drawstring bag. The psu is completely modular so when i removed it from the bag it was just a nice square block. Large opening on top for the intake fan with a honeycomb grey grill cover. The back of the psu has a single switch to change between fanless hybrid mod or normal mode. Regardless of hybrid mode being said to be quiet running Heaven 2.5 on normal mode did not cause any noise when benchmarking, dead quiet.
There are well marked plugins for all the cables, no mistakes can be made here. One thing i noticed was the plugin ports at the ends of aux cables should have had more, it took more cables plugged into the psu to get all my stuff fully powered, by adding a more plug in spots would have meant less wires coming out of the psu, as it was it did not look all that clean back there and wirefree once i was done.
I mount the psu in the bottom of my 932 as i have a H100 up top. If i was to flip the psu to draw fresh air from the bottom i lose the nice logo on the side and now see just a ugly spec sheet sticker. I decided to keep the fan upwards and draw the air from the case interior, ive have really good ventilation so im not worried about heat. I now enjoy a sexy looking logo and the nice fan/grill when looking in my case window.
Ive not heard the psu once since the instal, completely silent in normal mode. Ive played hours of BF3 and ive benchmarked the pc several times now. My GX750w was crazy loud. Ive modded a H70 to my gpu and with this silent psu and silent ssd my pc is silent....i hear my fridge running while i game on bf3.
Ive not adjusted to the price of this thing yet but ive got seven years on warranty to apprechiate it and im sure it will be consitered very good for years to come.

* The first unit i was shipped was defective. It worked for about a half hour and then shut down. Power on the pcie lanes and the aux lines but no power to run the pc, the old 750w fired up the pc just fine. I called NCIX and advanced rma the unit. Free shipping for the new one and free shipping to return the defective one. NCIX was very easy to deal with and i congrats them for their great customer service.
Seasonic Platinum-1000 1 Kilowatt Power Supply

1. 80PLUS® Platinum Certified Super High Efficiency  2. 7 Years Warranty  3. DC Connector Panel with Integrated VRM [Voltage Regulator Module]  4. DC to DC Converter Design  5. Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]  6. Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors  7. High Reliability 105℃ Japanese Grade A Capacitors  8. High Current Gold Plated Terminals  9. Tight Voltage Regulation [±2%]  10. High +12V Output  11. Dual Sided PCB Layout  12. Seasonic Patented Hybrid Silent Fan Control  13. Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan  14. Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]  15. Full Modular Cabling Design  16. Multi-GPU Technologies Supported  17. All-in-One DC Cabling Design  18. Easy Swap Connector  19. Universal AC Input [Full Range]

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