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Seasonic X-460 Fanless Power Supply

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Pros: Totally silent, efficent, runs cool, lots of cables of good length, modular, looks cool, no fan to wear out.

Cons: High price, crazy overpacking, need to be bottom mounted limits case choice.

Well it's been running for over a year, even for 24 hours a day for a couple months as a server. Has not made one peep. Plenty of power to spare extra cables included if you want to run a couple video cards and burners instead of one each. I did read that some have had it develop a buzz or whine but it never happened to me. Everything is solid and well built, all the connections are covered in heat shrink and the cables are sleeved. The packaging was kinda crazy, it came wrapped in a velvet bag in a foam coffin. The cables came in this odd fold out Velcro closed bag thing. I would have liked to see a lower price with some plainer packaging. It's currently powering a i5 2500K mildly overclocked, 16 Gigs of 1600 Kingston HyperX and an eVGA Geforce GTX 650 Ti 2 Gig video card with no complaints. I also like that I never have to wonder if a noisy fan will cost me $18 or $100 since it has no fan to wear out. I'm never going back to a PS that comes with a case again. I did worry about the cable length when I got the huge Bitfenix Raider case though, being a bottom mount would mean the cables would have a lot of area to cover but it worked out. I used up some of the burner's cable length when I redid the wiring and did have to move it down one bay so I could power it but if I did it a different way I could have made it work. Anyway it's worth the money, especially if you hate noise.

Seasonic X-460 Fanless Power Supply

Silence defines the X-400 & the X-460 power supplies. Taking advantage of the benefits derived from the 80PLUS GOLD level of efficiency and the use of high-grade components, these power supplies run cool and run silent, perfect for your Home Theater PC (HTPC) and other applications where “silence is golden”. Featuring a design of “DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM”, the X Series is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without compromising efficiency. After a long wait, finally there is a product that delivers the complete package, ultra-high efficiency, greatly improved dynamic response, and customizable cable arrangement that is tailored to meet any individual’s needs.

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