Segotep C2R


Pros: Inverted motherboard tray design, tool-less drive locks, grommet holes

Cons: cheap and thin steel, overall build quality a little flimsy

This is a nice cheap display case for $45. May not be available locally. Nice ventilations too. Two 120mm Black/Red top exhaust fans, fits an ATX board, PSU mounted on bottom, watercooling holes, 90degrees HDD racks, tool-less drive-bay locks, acrylic side panel, motherboard grommet holes for cable management, and the best part, it's a reverse/inverted motherboard case. The paint and finish is fair, but for how much it costs, it doesnt really matter much. If you're looking for a RED-BLACK themed rig and you're on a tight budget, you might wanna check this case out. thumb.gif
Segotep C2R

Segotep C2R

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