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A Review On: Silverstone Sugo SG05-450 Mini ITX

Silverstone Sugo SG05-450 Mini ITX

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Pros: Compact, included 450w bronze psu, nice looking, well thought out, and plenty of ventilation.

Cons: Not the highest quality, limited harddrive space, psu cables should be a lot shorter.

I have had this computer case for over a month now, and I think it is time to give a review. It is a great way to go if you want to build the smallest possible computer with full size components.

There are a lot of things that make this computer case a great purchase, it first off includes a 450w 80+ bronze power supply which is more than enough for any components that you can fit inside it. It is nice looking in a minimalistic way, you aren't getting any crazy sharp edges, protruding shapes, side windows, led lighting, and crazy colors with this case. It is very much an under the radar computer case, great for taking with you wherever you go. You can tell thermaltake thought out cooling on this computer case as well, there is a 120mm fan intake on the front which you can attach a all in one watercooler to, I am using the thermaltake water 2.0 performer on mine, I am using 1 fan, and I don't have any clearance issues. The front fan pulls air in, and blows it out both of the sides of the case and the top. The power supply also sucks any hot air out of the computer as an exhaust. If you are using a graphics card, specifically with two fans on it, you will benefit from the long grill on the left side of the case that stretches alongside the whole case. You can fit a graphics card up to 10" in length, which covers all the way up to the nvidia gtx680.

My problems with this case if the fact that the power supply that is included with it has cords that are far too long. In a case this small, the psu cables do not need to around 12 inches long. I understand the psu that is included isn't made just for the case, but it would have been nice if they had a power supply that was intended just for their sugo line. I do have some issues with the quality, overall it is nice, but I would really like them to make the front panel out of metal just as the rest of the case it. The only plastic thing on the case is the front cover, which I believe they should have just made it out of metal. Also, the case can be flexed a little when the top and side covers are off, which really isn't a big problem. You will run into problems fitting hard drives, and an optical drive into the computer if you are using a watercooler. You can fit a desktop hdd in the computer, with a laptop drive also with the included drive bays, although that will cover up almost half of the 120mm fan. Since I am using a watercooler, I cannot fit an optical drive, and fitting a desktop drive is possible, although it is very difficult, so I am using a 2.5" hard drive that you would typically find in a laptop for my storage drive.

I would still recommend this case to anyone who wants to build a small computer, and maybe even use it for lan parties or traveling. You will really have to put a lot of effort into fitting all of the components you might want into it, but in the end, it is a great case. If you want to fit more than a 1 desktop hard drive in your computer, this is the wrong case for you. But if you are looking for a nice case, with a psu included, at a nice price, this is the case for you.

This case gets a 4/5 because I wish they would have made the front of metal like the rest of the case, and I wish the psu cables were a lot shorter.


I saw the pictures of the case open. Definitely looks like a bird has been nesting in there. First time I can say that sleeving didn't really help.
You cannot expect much cable management from such a small computer. Although it is very much possible. I have spent hours managing mine and it is actually pretty good.

As I said, it would have been nice if silverstone would have engineered a sfx psu specifically for their sugo line.
I used this case for my sons' machines. It is possible to fit a rad (Antec 620) + DVD + 3.5" + 2.5" but it takes a bit of work and "out of the box" (but not literally, lol) thinking.