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Silverstone TJ08-E

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Pros: Small, portable, plenty of space, cable management, sleek, USB 3.0 header, fan filters, black interior, quality screws

Cons: stock fan is loud, no noise insulation, cheap fan filters, top fan filter is usless, wobbly power and reset button.

The TJ08-E is one of the best cases I've ever used. It is simple, small, powerful, and looks amazing. For the average user or enthusiast builder, I would say this case is the BEST MATX case available at this time. It has plenty of space for any cooling system you want, whether it be huge air cooling blocks, close looped water cooling, or custom built water cooling rigs. About the only limitation you might have is hard drive space, and that's only if you plan on using the case as a server. For the average person who uses 1 hard drive and possibly one SSD they are lucky to know that they can stuff both in the lower 3.5 inch bay at the bottom of the case, allowing you to remove your hard drive cage and leaving the 5.25 bays free for any other use.

Some of the performance advantages I like about this case is the fact that you can fit a dual GPU setup on sli or crossfire. It's great that you can add 2 GPU's, but the best part is you are able to do it while being AIR COOLED. You will never have to worry about heat in this case unless you are overclocking your components heavily. HARDCORE GAMING (hell yeah!) devil.gif

Some of the features that make this case stand out among other MATX cases are the USB 3.0 ports in the front, fan filters, flipped motherboard configuration, removable mother board tray, cable management, and top mounted PSU with exhaust outlet.

Last to be mentioned is the cases flaws rolleyes.gif. I would love to think this case is perfect, but regrettably there are always flaws. Although minor flaws, some issues known are wobbly power/ reset switches, cheap fan filters, loud stock fan, and poor noise insulation.

I hope this helps someone who is contemplating their new matx case.thumb.gif
Silverstone TJ08-E

In 2006, SilverStone launched the Temjin TJ08, an impressive micro-ATX tower case with then unheard of dual 120mm fan configuration. It helped pioneered the idea of big tower cooling performance in small packages. Five years later, improved technology and design has enabled SilverStone engineers to create another pioneering small tower case in the TJ08 Evolution (TJ08-E). To improve cooling performance, a class leading “Air Penetrator” 180mm fan was installed behind the front panel to create virtual airflow tunnel with positive air pressure, which also improves quietness and dust prevention. Standard enthusiast features retained or improved include removable motherboard tray and top panel, CPU back plate cutout, all black painted interior, removable filters for all intake vents, and beautifully finished aluminum front panel. Features unique to the TJ08-E are its ability to accommodate long cables from high-end power supply and storage room for one 2.5” hard drive and up to five 3.5” hard drives. If you are looking for a classic, cleanly styled premium micro-ATX tower with the latest chassis construction technology to house top-of-the-line components, the TJ08-E is it.

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