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Sniper Elite V2 - PC

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #61 in PC Games


Pros: Sniping, graphics, audio, stealth

Cons: Few glitches

Story : You play as an American soldier in WW2 and with mostly your sniping and stealth skills, you have to fight against the enemies to prevent a bomb from launching.


Graphics : I quite enjoyed the graphics in the game. They were done brilliantly and everything about it was very smooth. At first I experienced few crushes but this was due to an instable OC with my previous GTX Titan. 


Gameplay : Sniper Elite v2 is a 3rd person action/shooter kind of a game. You always start the levels with your sniper, a handgun and an assult rifle of your choice. Be careful though, this is not a game where you have to act like Rambo and go kill people. Stealth is extremely important. You need to crouch or go prone as much as you can. Also when you fire your sniper rifle, make sure to do it when there are other distractions or noises around such as bombings. When a city you are in gets bombed, it is a very good opportunity to kill the enemy because your shot will not be heard at all. In close combat scenarios always have your handgun in your hand, because with it's silencer attachment, it is very easy to kill close by enemies without alerting anyone. Also it would be a smart idea to carry your victims to another location to prevent the bodies to be seen by other enemies. Try not to use your assault rifle, unless the enemy has spotted you and coming your way. You also have other gadgets such as grenades, mines or trip wires. I definitaly suggest the trip wire because when you are prone and hunting for your victim, there is a chance that another enemy might flank you and you might never hear him. If you place your trip wire to a nearby door before going to the prone stance, than there is a very high chance that the enemy will touch the trip wire resulting with his death. Also if you choose to ever play the game, make sure you play it in the hardest setting because that is when you feel like a real sniper. The distance, the direction of the wind has a major effect on your shots. There are few glitches at times but they are nothing major.


Length : The game is lengthy for today's standards. There are no side missions in the game besides finding out various collectibles.


Sound : It was great really with a nice pair of cans or a home theater system. Explosions, sniper rifle shots were all done pretty well.


Multiplayer : Unfortunately I did not have the time to join a multiplayer match.


Replay Value : I don't think I will play the single player any time soon but maybe in a year or so I might again give it a shot. I never uninstalled the game after I finished it because who knows? Maybe I will want to give a round or the multiplayer a go sometime. It is a very entartaining game. 


Verdict : I remember buying the game for less than $10 on a steam sale and it was truly worth it for me. I know the game might not be for everyone, but if you like some stealth and enjoy sniping, I believe there is not a better game currently. For a price tag of $10 or less the game deserves a 4.5 stars out of 5.


Here are some of my videoclips




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Sniper Elite V2 - PC

The sequel to Rebellion’s 2005 original version! The most authentic WW II sniping experience by putting them in the middle of war-torn Berlin amidst the frenzied final battle between German and Russian forces. Sniper Elite V2 features detailed sniping simulation with advanced ballistics, taking into account gravity, wind, velocity, bullet penetration, aim stability and more. Guaranteed to provide players with the most realistic simulation of military sharpshooting yet available. System Requirements - Dual-Core CPU with SSE3 or better, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB free HD, Direct X 10 compatible graphics card with 256 MB of memory, DVD Steam account.

FeatureAdvanced ballistics-most advanced military sharp-shooter available Authenticity - Authentic WWII Berlin locations as well as vehicles. Snipers Choice - Take the perfect shot, but leave yourself exposed to enemy fire, or try a more difficult route.
LabelCosmi Corporation
ManufacturerCosmi Corporation
PlatformWindows Vista Windows 7 Windows XP
PublisherCosmi Corporation
StudioCosmi Corporation
TitleSniper Elite V2 - PC
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementDVDC255
Package Height0.6 inches
Package Length7.4 inches
Package Weight0.15 pounds
Package Width5.4 inches
ProductGroupVideo Games
UPCList - UPCListElement022787112554
Item Weight0.18 pounds
OperatingSystemWindows 7
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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