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Steel Series Xai High Performance Laser Gaming Mouse - Black (62135)

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Pros: Solid tactile feedback, reliable tracking, good build quality

Cons: Side buttons a little too high up, no on-the-fly dpi adjustment

First off, the Xai is most suitable for palm grip users. It's large and has quite a high arch. I don't think that you need to have a large hand to use it comfortably though, as I've heard some people say. I'm female and therefore I have much smaller hands than many guys out there but I still managed to palm the whole mouse and use it quite comfortably. The build quality is very solid, and I especially enjoyed the matte finish as it doesn't allow dirt and grime to build up easily. Very unlike the glossy sides of my previous imperator which had me wiping it every so often. I also really liked the solid tactile feedback of the mouse buttons, which require more force than most mice to depress, but this in no way impedes the gaming experience. It just gives off a much more reassuring click, that's all. This might also help in shooter games, where you're working on tapping and not just spamming bullets. There is also reasonable feedback at each notch in the scroll wheel and it's in no way mushy nor too hard to depress.

The Xai also has an ambidextrous design so people wanting a more ergonomic right-handed shape might not like this too much. My only gripe is the slightly high side button placement, but this is probably a result of me having small hands. It's not terribly high, it just could be a little lower for me. Also the extra side buttons on the other side of the mouse are unable to be programmed to be on-the-fly dpi switches, so that's a downside if you are used to on-the-fly switching. The middle button allows you to switch between profiles which could have different dpi settings but this requires the use of the scroll wheel as well and so can't really be done in the heat of the game.

I haven't gone through any formal tests for acceleration/deceleration but suffice to say I haven't noticed any while gaming. I play a lot of first person shooters where accuracy is paramount, and the Xai has served me wonderfully.
Steel Series Xai High Performance Laser Gaming Mouse - Black (62135)

SteelSeries Xai is a tool - not a gadget. The SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse features state of the art technology and groundbreaking technical specifications. The technology, shape, size, weight and surface of the SteelSeries Xai were designed with one purpose: to enhance the users performance. Research and development was done in close cooperation with fulltime professional gamers from USA, Europe and Asia. The sensor offers huge improvement over current laser mice, processing 12,000 Frames Per Second at movement speeds of 150 Inches Per Second. This level of performance results in completely reliable tracking even during the most frantic and fast-paced games. SteelSeries Xai can be fully configured via a LCD menu system on the back of the mouse, while supporting advanced macro capabilities of up to 200 strokes per button programmable through the lean software.

BindingPersonal Computers
ESRB Age RatingRating Pending
FeatureSteelSeries FreeMove
Hardware PlatformPc
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height2.2 inches
Length7.9 inches
Weight0.66 pounds
Width6.7 inches
List Price$89.99
Operating SystemWindows
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleSteel Series Xai High Performance Laser Gaming Mouse - Black (62135)
Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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