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steelseries Flux In-Ear Pro Canal Headset

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: comfortable, great sound, stylish

Cons: slightly sub par microphone, cord gets stuck on stuff

Steelseries FLUX in Ear Pro Headset


There are people who like to sit down and throw on massive cans with boom mics to play their computer games. Others enjoy lighter headphones or headsets that they can use on the go with their phones or iPods. Many over-ear, computer or console based headsets have multiple wires to get tangled and tied. Often smaller in ear headsets have the disadvantaged of poor sound quality and sometimes even lacking a microphone. Some people use iPod or phone headsets to solve this problem, but this requires splitters and just adds to wire complexity. Over-ear cans have the opposite problem of being too compatible with computers and consoles while lacking the ability to connect to phones. Not helping in ear models is the fact that in ear models tend to have difficulty producing quality sound. Steelseries Flux in ear pro headset is able to solve these problems in a sleek and streamlined package.


The packaging of a product has two purposes, to inform and protect. In my opinion packaging has become too flashy, to show offy, and worse than all the rest of it, too difficult to open. Steelseries broke from the pack with this design for the most part. A simple black and orange box wiht a little bit of text on it. The front of the package lis an anticlimactic onomatopoeia of visuals showing off only a picture of the buds with the name pressed across the top.

The back, per the usual, is where the meat and potatoes of the package lie. The spec chart lies at the back to be detailed later. It features the same picture scheme as the front with the conformation that it is not only designed for the computer but for phones and tablets as well.

A close-up of the specs.

The internal packaging

And the inner box open showing the guides. Under that is the bag full of the different earbuds.


Physical Specifications

Cord Length 1.2 M (I would prefer a slightly longer cord for a PC headset, and because I am tall I l do enjoy a longer phone headset too)

The cables are an interesting combination of flat and round. The cables from the split in the wires to the buds is a normal round cable with a dual grey/black scheme. From the split to the end of the cable the color scheme continues but with a flat cable. The cable is nice and protects the wires inside nicely but the rubber material gets stuck on a lot of stuff because of how much friction the rubber creates.

Connectors not only is there a 4 band 3.5mm 90 degree jack for phones and iPods, but there is also a split connector with two 3 band 3.5mm jacks for computers. These connectors are interchangeable at the end of the flat cable. Switching between the two is simple but sturdy.

Headphone Specifications

Frequency Response Range: 15-22kHz
Impedence: 26 Ohm
Sensitivity 105dB @ 1kHz
Microphone Specifications

Pattern Omni-Directional
Frequency Response Range 100-10kHz
Impedence <2.2kOhms
Sensitivity -38dB @ 1kHz

I have used this headset very frequently for a week at this point after burning it in. I can say that for my use it is a GREAT headset. I have used it in school as a music device, at work as a phone headset, and at home as a computer headset. Instead of needing two or maybe three devices it actually was a breeze to change between the three. I personally just leave the computer ends plugged in my computer and just unplug the single 3.5mm jack for somewhat of a hot-swapping experience. The other thing the small connector is useful for is that if the wire gets caught on something it will come off at the connector saving the buds, your ears, and the jacks too. The headset is very comfy in behind ear and in ear position for many hours on end. I used personally the Comply foam earbuds because they are more comfortable and have better noise cancelation properties than the silicone buds in my opinion. Using the over ear buds ear fatigue was reduced to nil and I forgot they were there at times. Transporting the headset was really easy with the carrying case and wrapping up the cables with the included velcro strip was a thing I didn’t value until I got it.

The sound quality of this headset is really very nice. I found in gun games it handled nicely both high noises like clicks and pops of magazines and grenade pins while giving a nice weight to explosions. That being said it lacks a little in the mid-tone region, but not enough to take you out of the experience. In and outside of games it works well for spoken word as well. Team chat leaves little to ask for, clarity and quality are quite wonderful. On the other end of the spectrum I listen to podcasts while I do yard work and the headphones handle both male and female voices very well. The headset works nicely while listening to music as well. I listen to a lot of hard style dubstep, post-hardcore, and alternative rock. The headphones handle all of my genres well even with the high speed switches from high to low frequencies, very high noise levels, and potentially complex congregations of guitar, bass, drums and voice. The drivers really impressed me for an in ear set of headphones with the sound reproduction quality. The microphone is of good but not great quality. The microphone is too close to the ear that causes some muffling issues. Speaking along the lines of muffling I found the microphone to sound slightly muffled even in front of my face. That being said it is still a high quality mic and better than many other in line microphones. This may be just me asking too much of such a small package but I digress.

More Pictures

This is the section where I post all the pretty pictures I took. I hope this helps you get a bit of a feel for them.

The earbuds up close and personal. They sit in the channel that leads to the inner ear.

The inline mic with pause/play/push to talk button. Sorry for the over exposure

The male connector on the earbud end

The Female part of the connector that is connects to the connector

The PC connector with both mic and headphone jacks

A closer view of the connector

The earbuds with the on wire wrap-around bud holders that add an extra layer of support to keep it in

The inside of the carrying case.


Overall the headset is wonderful, leaving only nitpicky qualms for me to express. I love the sound of the headphones and the microphone does its job. I would change very little of the actual headset seeing as no headphone can be perfect and the microphone is so small you can’t ask too highly of the quality. The only things I would change would be including an extension cable in the headset because my computer is farther away than the cable is able to comfortably reach. Other than this I have very few complaints.

Final Call

-Great quality sound





-Cable too short

-Slightly muffled microphone

Price – $120

Value- 4/5

Sound Quality – 5/5

Mic Quality- 3.5/5

Build Quality- 5/5

Overall – 4.5
steelseries Flux In-Ear Pro Canal Headset

Our balanced armature technology offer an incredible audio experience. The highly accurate drivers allow you to hear new layers, levels and subtle details, even in games and music you already play a lot.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureTwo color round cable mixed with a flat rubber cord Main body is double injection rubber with aluminum SteelSeries logo plate On cord mic/controller for hands free calling and full music/MP3 controls 8-Pin cable solution to connect to PC?s, Mac, and all mobile devices Includes 3 black different ear tip sizes; (Small, Medium, and Large), silicone ear tips, high end memory foam ear tips and Carrying case
TitleSteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro Headset for Gaming and Music
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementQ916-61318 61318 QZ5368
Item Height0.83 inches
Item Length51.2 inches
Item Width0.83 inches
Package Height1.9 inches
Package Length6.7 inches
Package Weight0.2 pounds
Package Width5.9 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement813810015115
Item Weight0.04 pounds
Languages - Original LanguageEnglish
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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