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Steelseries Flux Real Racing 3 Gaming Headset


Pros: Portable, Compact, Build Quality, Comfortable, Compatibility, Great sound quality

Cons: Slides off easily, Highs are a bit harsh, Muffled microphone

Steelseries Real Racing 3 Headset


Steelseries has teamed up with Electronic Arts on a multiplatform adventure with the Real Racing 3 Headset. This headset is supposed to be the epitome of the cross between portability and sound quality. This headset is uniquely branded with the logo of a mobile app. Real Racing 3 has grown up to be an empire rivaling the user base of competing console games, and there have been sponsorships for less. The headset touts its immersive ability and well-rounded drivers. First I would like to thank Steelseries for providing this headset for review, now let’s get to the nitty gritty.


Normally I would have something to say about the packaging but I was provided the OEM packaging and as such can’t make a statement on retail packaging but I can comment on the included carrying case for the headset because I guess in a way it is a package. Anyways, the bag ewould be surprised if anything could break it. The bag is top notch in the quality department and I really have nothing to complain about which for any case is great in my book.


This headset is an on-ear cup with a tough plastic frame. The speaker cups rotate 90° back and about 15° forward. The lower half of the headset extends to accommodate different head sizes. The frame folds for storage in the carrying case. The ear cups are a soft open core foam or cotton that is soft and very comfortable. The top half of the headset is a rubberized bendable plastic once again to accommodate different head sizes. The outside of the ear-cups have removable, customizable plates that come with a Real Racing 3 branding on this set.

Included in the Box

Over-ear headset
2 magnetic Real Racing 3 branded personalization plates
1 Split output Headphone/Microphone Cable (1.52 m)
1 Single output Headphone/Microphone Cable (1.51m)
1 Carrying Case
1 Steelseries case badge
Headphone Specs

Frequency response range: 18-28000 Hz
Impedance: 29 Ohm
SPL @ 1kHz 1V RMS 118dB
Microphone Specs

Frequency Response 50-16000 Hz
Microphone direction: Omni-Directional
Sensitivity -38 dB

I came into this headset not expecting too much from it mainly from it being branded by a mobile game. Call me a cynic but the mobile game market is a few steps behind in general. This headset surprised me though. The headset has a great response range that really shows when listening to music. But that isn’t what this headset was made for. For FPS games this headset is a bit heavy on the bass range for my liking, but you can definitely feel it, which in racing games is nice to feel a roar or two from the horses. The high ranges can be a bit harsh and sometimes pierce through the rest of the sound, but I only experienced this with super high frequency noises like flash bangs so I didn’t pay too much mind to this. I also think that this issue depends on the other noises going on at the same time which makes it somewhat harder to reproduce. The mid ranges leave almost nothing to be desired in my eyes, or ears to be more precise. Spoken word comes in clear as crystal on this headset meaning the only voice chat bottleneck here is everyone else’s mic. These cans gets loud at in all ranges and stays responsive at low volumes which is tough to find in a headset. The microphone for both cables differ though. The PC microphone is larger and able to be disabled. I found it to be more responsive and slightly better quality, but that comes at the price of more weight and a slight eyesore of an in line mic. The mobile inline mic is very similar to that the Steelseries FLUX In-Ear Pro has. This microphone is slightly lower quality and that should be expected seeing as this microphone package is smaller, rubberized and sits closer to the body causing a slight muffling. The start/stop/push to talk button built into the mobile mic is a nice feature to have on a mobile headset. That being said for their sizes both microphones are great quality and don’t feel like they will be breaking any time soon. The sound bleed on these is very low and unless you remove the headset very little sound gets out which is nice in public. The carrying case that came with this headset is a perfect size for everything in the package and still fits nicely in a backpack. The headset is able to attach its cable to the left or right cup depending on your preference which is a nice feature for lefties and righties. I have to warn you that this headset is not able to produce sound from two inputs so no connecting the phone/mp3 jack in one ear and the PC jack in the other, it WILL damage the headset and void your warranty, don’t do it.

The headset is light and comfortable for hours causing very little ear and neck fatigue. I found that the headset leaves a little to be desired in the grip field as quick movements of your head will send this headset flying, as will looking down for too long. This may just be a side effect of shaggy hair, but a fair warning none the less. Moving to the functionality side of things I really like the ability to change quickly between computer and phone use. I leave the PC jack plugged in to my computer to just throw it on and go. When I need to go mobile just unplug the cable and switch to the phone cord and you are off.


This is all the pictures of the headset and the included stuff.


The headset is great and works like a charm. The headset is a great combination of weight and quality that is tough to match. The headset is great quality and I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a portable headset that works for nearly all your devices. The convertible, compact headset works better than many headsets that don’t have the features of this headset. Overall there is little to complain about and I would really recommend this headset.

Final Call




-Quality Build



-Great sound Quality


-Falls off easily

-Slightly muffled mobile microphone

-Highs are a bit harsh

Price - $100

Value- 3.5/5

Sound Quality- 4/5

Mic Quality- 4/5

Build Quality- 4.5/5

Overall – 4/5
Steelseries Flux Real Racing 3 Gaming Headset

Steelseries Flux headset branded by Real Racing 3. Headset is compatible with mobile devices and computers.

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