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Sunbeam Twister 120 CPU Cooler


Pros: Will keep a stock i5 2500k at 100% load under 50 degrees. That is seriously impressive. It's also a massive heatsink, being a pro and a con.

Cons: It's so big that it hangs over the first ram slot. But I just used the other 2 slots, and all is fine.

This cooler is truely a beast. I picked it up for $20 on Newegg expecting a little better than stock performance. No. This thing makes my stock i5 2500k idle at 24 degrees, 21 degrees ambient room temperature. Running Prime95, this cooler will keep it under 50 degrees at all times. I ran it over night and it maxed out at 48 degrees. Slightly loud, but comes with fan controller, no problem. I have them hooked up to my NZXT Phantom controller though. The thermal paste it comes with is sort of dry when you squeeze it out, but just let the cooler spread it, no problem. The thermal material is really great though. I would have to say it performs just below AS5. It does have to sit though. I was extremely disappointed when I first booted up with this thing, because temperatures were at 40 degrees idle. But then about a week later, they dropped almost 20 degrees. I was fine then smile.gif

Overall, I highly recommend this cooler if you are on a budget.
Sunbeam Twister 120 CPU Cooler

The TWISTER 120 incorporates our newest ISO-Turbo Technology for increased cooling. The dual 120mm MFDB fan spins in opposite direction which allows for more concentrated airflow, combined with the three 8mm heat pipes and large fin area, the TWISTER 120 offers one of the best cooling capabilities in its class. To ensure that the maximum cooling performance is obtained, we have also included our highest performing thermal compound, the TX-4. Furthermore, We also provide The Rheosmart Fan Controller. This “Smart Cooling System” operates in two different modes; when connected to a PWM-enabled motherboard, you can allow the system to auto-adjust fan speed through the motherboard’s temperature sensor. When switched into manual mode by pressing the small button below each knob, you turn that specific channel into manual control mode.

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