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Swiftech MCP355 12 VDC Pump


Pros: Quiet. Powerful. Small. Excellent customer service.

Cons: Did not last for me.

The Swiftech MCP355 is recommended by almost every water cooling enthusiast. I agree, it is a very good pump, but I just did not have any luck with it.

The first time I had the EK res top and MCP355. It worked wonderfully for about a year. I did have a couple problems with the res top but that is for a different review. Anyway, the pump would not start. I can feel it struggling to start but it never picked up. My whole computer shut off because water was not moving through the loop.

After some troubleshooting, I successfully RMA'd it with Swiftech. No problems were given. I scrapped the EK res top thinking that was the problem and grabbed an EK DDC top and an IandH reservoir. But there was a catch. This new MCP355 had a 'Void Warranty' sticker between the stock top and pump. So I decided if it actually borked again, I would not RMA it and just choose a different pump. So I voided the warranty and replaced the top.

Worked perfectly again for a month or two, and the same problem. It struggled to turn on. I was able to get it to start sometimes by tapping it or wiggling the cables, but if I ever need to restart my computer, it will not start up again. If I'm lucky it would.

So here I am, with an MCP655 en route to my house. Hopefully I have better luck with this one. If this one dies too, then I am the reason they are breaking.


Pros: Lots of pressure, small form factor, durable, low cost

Bought this unit from another guy here on the forums.
Pump works fantastic and pushes through my swiftech 360mm radiator and my H50 120mm radiator without any issue. Hooked the unit up in my sink and it literally shot water all the way across the house and hit the wall about 15 ft away! I love the pump and it feels very sturdy.
Swiftech MCP355 12 VDC Pump

Block Compatibility: The MCP355 is particularly well adapted to the proliferation of daisy-chained liquid cooling devices in a single circuit: Multiple Processors, Chipset, Graphics, and Hard Drives. Type: Pump Pump Dimensions: 2.4" x 2.4" x 1.5" Pump Bearing: Ceramic Pump Noise: 30 - 32 dBA in a quiet room Parts: 1 year limited Labor: 1 year limited

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