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Team Fortress 2

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in PC Games


Pros: Free to Play; Involves Teamwork; Unique Gameplay Experience; Fast Paced w/ Little Downtime; Constantly Updated

Cons: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master; Random Crits; To Many Hats!

Team Fortress 2 is a game unlike you have ever played before. It is cartoony, yet, still realistic enough to not deter the eye candy kind of guys. Your overall experience will be both of fun as well as rage... mostly rage when you first start playing, but overtime as long as you are half way decent at moving and shooting more fun will become apparent.

You have 9 different classes to choose from, each class has it's own unique ability, I'll explain a bit about the classes roles below:

Scout: The fast guy on the team, while he has some of the lowest life his agility and jumping abilities it keeps him alive in the most underdog of situations. Most people start playing as the scout as it feels more like your standard FPS gig, but overtime scout is only used for certain situations.

Soldier: The Heart and Sole of a team, The Soldier takes rockets to a whole new level, being able to launch himself through the air and to great heights to gain the advantage over his enemies. Slower projectiles make the rockets easy to dodge from a distance, but make sure you don't get caught in ones face, it spells death for you.

Pyro: Fire? I think so! As the name states, The Pyro keeps enemies in line with his flamethrower and airblast ability. while being a great counter to the Soldier it has many weaknesses as well. Mostly a close range combat class The Pyro is very weak when being shot at from a distance, so you're going to plan most of your attacks in tight quarters or from behind.

Demoman: The Powerhouse... and Drunk of the team. The Demoman is a Black, Scottish guy who has a need for high explosives. Both a good offensive as well as defensive class The Demoman can be used in multiple different situations. Lay traps, jump far distances and destroy multiple enemies at a time with your bombs.

Heavy: The Dumb...Fat... Russian, this guy couldn't pass an SAT, but you put a Minigun in his hands and you bet he will mow down everything in his path. With the most HP and at close range doing the most damage in the shortest amount of time, The Heavy is a class to be reckoned with. Oh I failed to mention the 300hp tends to keep him alive... if he can run away.

Engineer: The Defensive Structure of the team, The Engineer has PHD's up the wall and can build sophisticated structures to both defend as well as get your team back to the line in no time flat. While The Engineer is no good by himself, with the support of his teammates he is a force to watch out for.

Medic: The German Doctor, a team is not complete without The Medic, healing your teammates and keeping them in battle is what lets you gain the advantage over your enemy. Usually 2-3 medics on a team is sufficient enough, his medical technology allows him to make teammates invincible or shoot pure crits for a short period of time.

Sniper: Boom, Headshot... You mess with Australia, you mess with The Sniper. His job is simple as it says, you guard the backline and clear out the frontline for your teammates. Shooting enemies in the head can be ground for instant kills on every class. The longer your scoped in, the more damage you do to them. Just be careful and be prepared for a little stab, stab, stab.

Spy: The Snipers WORST enemy, The Spy is able to go invisible, cheat death, and one stab any class to death from the back. If you are detected it is very hard to get away, but if you are able to blend in and act as your enemy while disguised, you will be the deadliest force on your team.

But of course a game like this just wouldn't be complete without multiple different gamemodes, a wide variety of different modes keeps the game fresh and levels are always being added to keep people interest. Down below are the gamemodes to choose from:

Capture Point: By far the most popular gamemode of them all, the objective is simple, work with your team to capture predetermined points and push the enemy out of the area.

Payload: Arguably the most popular gamemode in TF2, the uniqueness about this is you have to push a cart through the level as you are capturing points along the way to extend your time. Payload levels are non-symmetrical.

Payload Race: Race against the enemy to get your cart to the endpoint before they do. The objective is exactly the same as payload just with 2 carts on symmetrical/asymmetrical levels.

King of the Hill: One point, 2 teams, whoever can hold it for a total of 3 cumulative minutes wins! Levels are again symmetrical/asymmetrical and are usually smaller in size to keep the action flowing.

Arena: One life, show the other team who is the best. If you die, you have to wait till the round ends and a new one begins to play again. This is not a mode to play foolishly on. If time takes to long, a point is activated to help pick up the gameplay.

Overall I will give this game 5/5 Flames for wonderful customer support, unique gameplay and an enjoyable experience with your friends. thumb.gif


Pros: Class based, Different weapons, New community features, lots of updates to keep content fresh

Cons: I'm not playing it right now

This is seriously one of the best games I have ever purchased. I have over 2500hours played on this game, and still go back to it daily. If you do not own this yet, buy it NOW.
The game gets better if you play with groups of people you know. Really adds to the online play.
And with Valve putting out updates every few months with new weapons, hats, items, etc.. it never gets old.


Pros: Free, hats, friends, varied gameplay

Cons: trading

This has to be one of the greatest games ever.
You have 9 classes each with their own stats and weapons.
Each class has a different uses and is actually vital to a good team.
You can unlock a multitude of weapons, probably more weapons in this game then any other shooter out there.
Do you like hats?
Good, cause you are going to wear them and like them.
In this game you can make your character look unique and other players will see what you wear, meaning that it isn't just a skin pack.

This is also one of the most customizable games out. Not only will you find many upon many custom maps, but you can also find user made play modes.

All the map packs have been free, on top of the game now also being free. Trust me it is worth every penny, I mean every click.

If you don't already have TF2 then get it now.
Team Fortress 2

The Orange Box- Team Fortress 2 PC

BindingVideo Game
BrandElectronic Arts
ESRB Age RatingMature
FeatureAutomatic updates – Stop wasting time looking for patches or new content.
Hardware PlatformPc
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height0.53 inches
Length7.75 inches
Weight0.25 pounds
Width5.75 inches
LabelElectronic Arts
List Price$9.99
ManufacturerElectronic Arts
Operating SystemWindows 2000
Package Quantity1
PlatformWindows XP
Product GroupVideo Games
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date2008-04-08
StudioElectronic Arts
TitleTeam Fortress 2
Number Of Items1
CreatorWindows XP
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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