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TeckNet® 3.5mm In Car Universal FM Transmitter

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Pros: Reception, quality

Cons: Volume

I got this after wanting to listen to my own music in the car (and not having a tape nor AUX connection available)

The device is very simple and does an excellent job of transmitting the audio signal it receives to the car's audio system.
A light by the smoking adapter indicates it is operational, and thus turns on when it is connected to a 3.5mm device, via its aux connection.

I suggest cranking up the volume to max on your device, in order to get the least static noise via your radio (remember it is connected via 3.5mm like a headphone is)
The sound quality is actually surprisingly excellent. I'm quite the audio enthusiast and review a lot of audio gear myself, thus I'm usually quite picky, however this device has surprised me, on its sound quality. Of course don't expect a like-for-like reproduction, but it is as close as I would have ever imagined to get.

I highly recommend this device to anyone!
I should also mention the added plus of having a USB outlet on the smoking adapter, in order to charge your device whilst it is being played (cable not provided for obvious reasons)
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TeckNet® 3.5mm In Car Universal FM Transmitter

Get to know TeckNet®:Established in 2005, TeckNet® is a UK based company specialising in TeckNet branded consumer electronics. After many years of successful experience with Amazon UK, we now decided to offer our products to Amazon US. Our mission is to provide the consumer with superior quality products that represent excellent value.Amazon UK Product Review:This TeckNet MT-096 FM Transmitter has been voted #5 in class by hundreds of satisfied UK Customers, Please check: www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001AIM5ZEIntroduction: Enjoy the freedom of playing your favourite iPod & iPhone tunes through almost any FM radio. This TeckNet F27 uses FM radio waves to send your favourite music from your iPod & iPhone to a nearby FM radio quickly and easilySimply plug the FM transmitter into the 3.5mm Audio socket of your MP3, iPod, iPhone, Mobile phone or other music player, and turn your FM radio to a clear frequency and play your digital music wireless with rich, full soundKey Features: - Hi-Fi transmission for audio- Mini styling- Battery free operation- Extra USB port, Charges your device while driving- Frequency range: 88.1-107.9 MHz, 0.1Mhz/step Box Include:- 1 X TeckNet F27 FM Transmitter- 1 X Manual

FeatureTransmits your iPhone and iPod music through your car stereo system Featurs a high-contrast, easy-to-read display Simple to use two button controls Extra USB port, Charges your device while driving Compatible with any audio player, which has 3.5mm audio sotcket.
TitleTeckNet® 3.5mm In Car Universal FM Transmitter
Size3.5mm Audio Cable
Package Height1.5 inches
Package Length5.28 inches
Package Weight0.18 pounds
Package Width4.96 inches
ProductGroupNetwork Media Player
Item Weight0.08 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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