TFC XChanger 480

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TFC XChanger 480

Double Thickness/Dual Row provides increased efficiency in transferring of heat from the fins to the air. Dual pass flow - Water flows down one half of the radiator and back up for a second pass before exiting. Separate top plenum chambers prevents any possibility of internal leaks and ensures 100% of the water flows through the radiator tubes. 12 tubes per row (24 total) - Oversized dimensions maximize frontal surface area Copper louvered fins - Copper material and louvers for maximum air heat transfer. G 1/4 Threads - Water cooling standard for maximum barb compatibility Dimensions- 523mm x 126mm x 60mm (L x W x H) - For details see this drawing from TFC. Silent Fan Optimized Fin Density - 214 folds per the 19 inch frontal length or 11.3 FPI - Optimized for lower speed fans. Built in shroud of approximately 1/4" depth - Minimizes fan hub dead air space affect. Bleed screw in bottom plenum chamber for air removal assistance if needed (Inverted barb orientation).

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