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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing


Pros: Great gameplay, humor, nice characters, lots of loot, good price

Cons: Minor issues, multiplayer problem


Story : You play as the legendary beast hunter Van Helsing trying to hunt monsters, help the innocent civilians and hunt down the menace upon Borgovia.


Graphics : As a game similar to Diablo 3, I can easily tell you that the graphics of the game is pretty good. The effects when teleporting, the explosions of dead bodies, pretty much everything else is top notch for the genre. Torchlight 2 is another game in the same genre and I can easily say that the graphics of Van Helsing is better. The game is very well optimized for PC with great developer support.


Gameplay : As I said above the game is an RPG similar to Diablo 3 and Torchlight. It has elements from both of the games combined together which gives the player a great way of playing the game. In Torchlight, there is a pet fighting with you and carrying your stuff, and in Van Helsing there is a ghost doing the same things only more effectively. The female ghost also has great humor sometimes. You have two types of weapons which are the sword and the gun. I personally favored the gun as fighting from a distance suits me better. Fighting is sometimes extremely entertaining but sometimes could get dull and repetetive. You can also level up your character and spend skill points. I should warn you though, it is best to level up either the sword or the gun for the best gaming experience. You will not have the time to level both of them to the maximum level in the single player campaign. I couldn't even max out the gun attributes but I got close. I played the game in the hard difficulty and at times the number of enemies were so overwhelming that dying was inevitable. When you die in the game you can respawn in the closest safe house for free, closest check point for some gold or at the exact place you died for even more gold. But do not worry. Currency in this game is not an issue at all, as there are so many golds to collect from the dead enemies or selling the loot.


Length : I got a good 18 hours from the game. I played it in the hardest difficulty. 


Sound : Sound effects are nice but sometimes the soundtrack gets a bit boring. Also there are few issues where the sound effects come up a few seconds later than it should.


Multiplayer : You can play the game in coop but for the time being there are people having issues connecting online and the company is aware of the problem and working on a fix. I can see the game being fun playing with a friend. Since I could not connect online and did not have a friend to play the game, I can not really comment much on it.


Replay Value : I don't believe I will play the singleplayer campaign again, however multiplayer could be fun if I can get it to work. Also the developers already released a free DLC with a scenario mode and I am guessing more DLCs might be on the way. 


Verdict : The game can be found for 15$ on Steam and I can tell you guys easily that it is worth every penny. Normally I recommend most games to go on sale to purchase it but 15 bucks is a great deal for a game like this. It is fun, It has lots of humor in it. The issues in the game are minor (except multiplayer but it should get fixed soon)... If you are a game who enjoyed Diablo 3 or Torchligt type of games, than Van Helsing is an incredible alternative. I have yet to meet someone who hated the game. Also it has pretty good reviews on metascore as well. Also this game is the first on a trilogy.

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 like RPG game.

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