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Thermalright Venomous X Black heatsink

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Pros: Looks great. Runs cool. Easy mounting system. Easy fan attachment. Smaller size than NH-D14, Silver Arrow, etc.

Cons: Cost. Can rotate slightly. Pressure can be set too high. Sharp fins. Fan clips only for open corner fans; shroud needed for closed. Not really black.

This "BLACK" version of the venerable Venomous X is very nice to look at indeed, but it is one of the least black "blacks" I have ever seen. Essentially it ends up being a slightly darker, smokier look than the standard Ven X; it depends on the lighting. However, it is not actually dark by any means, just not as bright and silvery. I don't mind since it matches my mid-gray case aesthetic quite well, but it is not worth a big premium over the regular VenX in my opinion. I paid $10 extra, and that's all I would pay, personally. I'm a sucker for aesthetics! thumb.gif

This version comes with no fans. You'll have to buy your own 120mm fans, or 140mm if you don't mind them overhanging the edges a bit (it comes with clips for both). For me the lack of fans was irrelevant, I prefer to pick my own fans. But it is pretty expensive for no fans. rolleyes.gif

Apart from that, the pluses and minuses of the normal VenX are in full force. A very nice mounting system. I was surprised that the cooler can rotate slightly even once mounted and locked down, but I suppose that's ok. This fit in my smaller case much, much better than a NH-D14 or SA would have, and gives great temps anyway — within a few °C of those coolers, if other tests are to be believed. I will post my own delta temps once I've tested a bit more.

The pressure can be adjusted from 40 to 70 lbs, but 70 lbs is a little too high for comfort. I just raised it a little from 40.

The fan clips included can only mount on open-corner fans. For closed-corner fans, you will need the fan shrouds sold separately. Luckily these shrouds are pretty simple and you can mount two for push-pull if you want. They also come in black, but be sure you're buying the VenX version, not the TRUE version.

Recommended, but I would recommend the normal VenX as a better buy than the Black. It's not really that different after all, just a slight color shift.
Thermalright Venomous X Black heatsink

All new patented multiple support pressure vault bracket system, allow users adding pressure to the bracket system (40~70 lbs.), and have a more efficient and secure mounting.(1366/1156/775 only). Include the new AMD Bolt thru kit Rev.2 Mirrored copper base increasingly upgrade the quality and the performance of the heatsink. Special bent winglet design, allows hot air to pass the heatsink more rapidly. Heatsink are all Black nickel plated to ensure the best quality and performance and could last for years. Soldered heatpipes, copper base and fins, to ensure the best thermal conducting efficiency. Six sintered heatpipe design, all heatpipes are nickel plated.To slow the oxidation deterioration to the heatpipe, to ensure longer usage and performance of the heatsink for the cpu. Including 2 sets of 120*25mm fan clips & 140*25mm fan clips and Chill factor III thermal paste. Convex copper base design, to ensure the Highest thermal conducting thermal efficiency between the cpu and the heatsink. Size: Length 127mm x Width 63mm x Height 160mm Weight: 755 g (excluding fan and bracket system) Heatpipe: 6mm sintered heatpipe *6 units Copper base: C1100 pure nickel plated copper base, with ultra-shine mirrored surface.

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