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Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #39 in Mice


Pros: Construction quality, customizability

Cons: Ergonomics, PTE sensor, 1 side button

I bought this mouse when my Deathadder's left click started fritzing as they often do, and was inconveniently on a tight budget, so I needed a mouse that fit it, I found this one and was drawn in by its price, lack of negative reviews and of course appearance.

From day 1 the mouse never felt quite right and it's really hard to put my finger on it. One is the tracking and two is the ergonomics.

As far as I'm concerned the body of the mouse is too fat, I can't figure out how they intended you to grip it, but everything I tried felt wrong. It's very wide where your palm would grip and very narrow where your fingers go to click. If you like to use your middle finger to operate the wheel and ring finger for the right click, pass on this mouse.

I can't say my hands are too small, they are average, and if they were any bigger my fingers would be more cramped at the top end, any smaller and I wouldn't be able to wrap them around the bottom end.

The tracking feels weird, which is sypmtomatic of Phillip's Twin-Eye sensor. I didn't have a lot of tracking loss or dust issues like with a RAT7 (which I now own and will be replacing soon) but I always felt like I suffered accuracy loss, if you're serious about FPS and being accurate this will be an issue. I ran it with 400,800,1100 and 2000 DPI, and I used to run higher, it never felt right.


Pros: On the go DPI adjustment, light, precise

I am using this mouse for the last few months and can easily recommend it to anyone whom is looking for a wired gaming mouse. Thermaltake is not a company well known for keyboards or mice, but they really did a great job with the Thermaltake Black.


The mouse fits my hand perfectly and it is lighter than wireless mices out there since there are no batteries involved. You can also make the mouse lighter by taking out the 5 * 4.5g weights that are located under the mouse. 


Thermaltake Black supports up to 4000 DPI, and you can customize 4 DPI settings and can cycle between them via the DPI buttons located on the Mouse. This is a very handy feature that most games will benefit from. The mouse wheel is easy to control and there are total of 6 buttons on the mouse all togehter, including the left and right mouse buttons. 


The software for this mouse can be downloaded from the internet and it lets you assign 3 different profiles. You can also customize if you want the color red to be seen on the mouse wheel, DPI bar or TT logo.


So far i never had a bad experience with this mouse, and I am quite happy with how precise it is, and how it moves smoothly. The only reason you may want to skip this mouse is if you want more Macro buttons. There is also another version of Thermaltake Black which carries more than the color red.


In USA this mouse is priced between 40-45$ and within this range you may want to try it out. I have yet to hear anything bad about this mouse all over the internet unless a user had a problem with that specific mouse because of a defect.

Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake Black Gaming mouse with on the go DPI adjustment.

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