Cheap and works good

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Pros: Am4 compatible out of the box

Keeps my 1700 at 28c degrees and 65c degrees at load.

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Optional inline fan cable has a resistor to keep RPM's down if you're looking for silence. The retaining clips are way too high for AM3+ to start. Before putting heat compound on the CPU, place this down with protective film still in place and see how far you have to bend the clips. Stock setup mine took way too much. Removed the retaining clips with two screws and placed on a table to bend them down more. Your clips may sit up/down or horizontal depending on your motherboard setup. Mine were horizontal but the whole thing doesn't budge and it keeps an overclocked Phenom II X4 945 running quiet and cool at 3.6Ghz. I can the inline resistor cable so the RPM's are very slow. The heatsink itself is very effective if installed correctly, thought it can be a little tricky. Good cheap buy, nothing fancy, does the job!