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Thermaltake VL84301W2Z V3 Black Edition with 430W Power Supply ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #15 in Computer Cases


Pros: lots of space for fans and air flow, lightweight, easy open and close (I hated the old fingers sliding into slots), easy access to front USBs

Cons: thin metal (reason it's lightweight), no USB3 (solved in higher models but no way to update), can be hard to run power wires from lower PS to MB.

I love the stealth look to this case, elegant and sleek. I've had it for a year and still love it. Bought on sale from M*********r and it's on sale again for $20. (no PS, but who needs a sub-500w PS these days?). can't beat it for the price.

I did break off a clip when removing the 6" cover piece for the DVD burner (I guess I should have read the manual)... but don't plan to put it back ever so, "meh". Never removed the main front cover (since I broke a clip..see above) so only slipped a small fan in the front instead of mounting it properly.. .. guess I should have read the manual, but, it works fine-no rattling so "meh" .

For years I struggled with the old, tight, impossible to remove and replace side panels.. then I found a fabulous OEM box on a Compaq with one finger screw and 3 second remove and replace, used it for several builds and even bought another on CL.... but it was juuuuuust too narrow for my 212+ cooler (by maybe 5mm, sigh) so I was delighted to find this one that fit perfectly AND is just as easy to open (first thing I did was add thumbscrews and it was perfect).

I added a FDD sized card reader under the USB front panel and now the only thing missing is that pesky USB3... I may replace the existing USB2 panel with one from eBay if it bugs me.. but I only use USB3 for periodic backups and I can plug it in the back, so, (did I already say "meh" not a problem?)

Currently running 965BE OC'd with SSD, 2T HDD, and push/pull fans on my 212+... fast, quiet and cool enough for anything I throw at it. I generally get my video cards hand-me-down when I upgrade my son's gaming rig.

I like this case but really its not for me. It has almost 0 cable management. Its really cheaply made and easy strip the screws and fan holes. Can't fit a H60 and big cards are a no no.


Pros: Lots of Fan slots (2 120mm top, 1 80/120mm rear, 1 120mm side, 1 80/120mm front), large space for gpus,

Cons: the top 120mm fans may slightly touch the 4 pin cpu connector (not too much of a problem)

It's awesome!


Pros: 4 5.25 Bays, 5 3.5" bays (one external), cool, 2 usb, 1 microphone, and one headphone port, looks nice, fits any size GPU, fits big heat sinks

Cons: can't fit any 120mm fans on top (too close to the mobo)

Bought the version without the PSU. It's really nice. Has room for 5 fans. Everything feels really secure.


Pros: Good Air Flow, Quiet, Cheap

Cons: Cable Management

I picked this up brand new off of Craigs List for $20, It did not include the PSU but I did not need it. The computer in my daughters room (Athlon 2 4600+ / 8800GT) would overheat very easily, even at idle. One morning she came to me and said it actually woke her up in the middle of the night. The original case was a generic one which was around 8 years old. It had one 60mm fan biggrin.gif

For the price I could not have asked for a better case. Knowing what I know now I would still pay upwards of $50 for this case on future builds. Her PC is now whisper quiet, even under full load. I did not add any fans, the single 120mm rear fan allows enough cooling for stock setups thanks to all of the cases ventilation. I could drop the temps even more by adding a front 120mm but at the moment there really is no need.

Good Air Flow
Very Quiet
Bottom Mounted PSU
All Black with a nice blue glow from the fan
Sturdy for a cheap case

Could use better cable management but for a sub $50 case you can't expect everything

Overall I could not be happier, neither could my daughter thumb.gif

I give it 4 stars when comparing it to other cases in the same price range.
Thermaltake VL84301W2Z V3 Black Edition with 430W Power Supply ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Combining excellent affordability and superior construction, the Thermaltake VL84301W2Z is great value for people who are trying to build an inexpensive system, or who want to spend more money on the inside. All black coating makes stylish looks from inside out with added overall quality. Four 120mm fans deliver outstanding ventilation and exceptional system cooling, along with mesh front bezel and side air vents for better internal airflow. The Thermaltake VL84301W2Z also boasts a good list of features: bottom-placed PSU design for better and easier installation, metal mesh front bezel for maximum air intake, built-in filter in 5.25" drive bay and PSU to keep dust away and blue rear fan LED light for amazing ambience. A 430w power supply unit is included to provide stable and strong power for your components. Get the Thermaltake VL84301W2Z today and build your dream system with ease and flexibility. With Power Supply: Yes, Standard ATX PSII, P/N: W0070RUC Power Supply Mounted: Bottom With Side Panel Window: Yes External 5.25" Drive Bays: 4 External 3.5" Drive Bays: 1 Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 4 Front Ports: USB 2.0 x2, HD Audio Ports PSU Main Connector: 20+4Pin

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