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It's better than I expected!

A Review On: Toshiba P300 3TB

Toshiba P300 3TB

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Price paid: $69.99
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Pros: Fast, silent, runs cool and has a huge storage capacity and high performance for a low price

Cons: None

This is my first Toshiba hard drive. I've been into computers since the early 90s, and I have always thought highly of Western Digital and Seagate. I always believed it wouldn't be wise to buy a hard drive from any other brand, but that's probably because I bought a Maxtor once and it didn't last long at all.


Well, after looking at this hard drive and holding it in my hands and working with it during the physical installation, I would say it's very high in quality. After installation, I found it to be very fast, very quiet (I can't hear it at all from where I'm sitting), it runs very cool and it's even packaged very well.


I copied 382 GB of files to it (from a Samsung 840 EVO solid state drive) shortly after installing the drive, and all 382 GB of files copied over in less than 40 minutes (I would say it took 35 minutes, but I'm not completely sure). If it had been exactly 40 minutes, then that would be an average speed of 163 MB/sec. If it were exactly 35 minutes, then that would be an average speed of 186 MB/sec. I am even using my SATA 3.0 Gb/s connection on the Intel P67 SATA controller (I have Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed too). Don't get me wrong, I want to use my SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports, but I don't have a choice right now. I have to wait until I finish setting up this new hard drive to replace my current storage drives.


So yeah, this hard drive is quite nice, and I got mine for only $69.99 shipped. The normal price seems to be about $79.99. This isn't bad at all for a good high-performance 3 TB hard drive! I'm extremely happy with my purchase.


I have really fallen in love with the Toshiba line of HDDs lately too. They just work. No bad batches, firmware or silly other crap I have to come to expect from Seagate or WD. I hope the same level of commitment continues through the sell of the company.
Had the choice between this and a barracuda 3tb both same price, I opted for this. They're based on the old Hitachi Deskstar drives aren't they ? my plucky little 500gb deskstar which is well over 10 years old now is still going strong originally as a main drive for a good many years and now just as backup storage although I expect it to die any time soon which is why I've opted for this P300 to take over
I'm using it next to my M.2 NVME Samsung 960 EVO super fast SSD and it's used for my video files. It's exceptional build quality strikes first and then the data transfer ratio is far better than similarly priced Barracuda and Blue series. Buy it, make yourself happy especially if you do so much file work.
@CDub07: I hope so too!
@Minusorange: If you're asking me, I don't know anything about these hard drives other than they exist.
@cronus75: Yeah, that build quality makes this hard drive fun to look at. I just finalized my installation by taking the storage drives my P300 is replacing out of my case and repositioned my P300 to it's permanent new location (the location of the old storage drives), and I once again had to stop and stare at it to admire its beauty. It has a beautiful perfectly-machined look.
Its speed blows me away too. I just did a few small final transfers of around 6-10 GB each folder, and each one saw no less than 200-220 MB/sec for most of the transfer time, and they all started out much higher than that. That's according to Windows, but still. I have to laugh because one of the drives I'm replacing is a 150 GB WD VelociRaptor, and it wasn't able to go any faster than maybe 90-100 MB/sec. That's a 10,000 RPM hard drive and I honestly believed I'd never find a 7200 RPM hard drive that's anywhere near as fast as the VelociRaptor, but here I found one that destroys it - and it's a 3 TB hard drive that's only $70 and it's only intended for "everyday computing"! lol
It's a real pleasure to have found an affordable large-capacity hard drive that's very fast and silent and seems to be of extremely high quality. According to customer reviews, it also seems to be quite reliable as well!
Well I only know that at one point the DT01ACA300 were based on the desktar as they were acquired when Toshiba bought the desktop portion of Hitachi's platter drive business. I do not know if they still are or if the one listed here are but from the sound of it I would imagine so.
I got a couple of the above 4-5 years ago for like $90 and their speeds are roughly what you're describing.
Hope that helps answer the niggling in the back of your head.
Toshiba distros to Apple. They probably do make some good drives.
I purchased one of these and in less than 2 years it started to fail. Got an RMA and they're sending a Visa Prepaid card instead of another drive. I'd doubt I would purchase another Toshiba drive in the future.
I bought one of these about 2 weeks ago. Its been solid so far. Hopefully it'll live a full life
@CDub07 I don't blame him one bit because I wouldn't want to buy another either if the first one failed on me in such a short time. I wouldn't even accept a free replacement. How would I be able to trust that the next one would be any better? Why would I want to take that chance?
I can tell you right now that if my 3TB P300 were to fail long before I ever expect it to, then I will be saying too that I won't buy another Toshiba hard drive regardless of how well Toshiba might handle it. They could offer me a refund if $79.99 even though I paid $69.99 and they could also offer me a free replacement on top of that refund and I still wouldn't go for it. Why would I want to take a chance of going through the drive failure all over again? A hard drive should last many years. Failing after barely 2 years would leave a very bad taste in my mouth too, regardless of what the company did for me in terms of compensation for my troubles.
I bought a Toshiba 500GB 2.5" hybrid drive that died within the first year in which I owned it. I've tried both installing it in my desktop and an enclosure, and it will not power on. The computer simply will not read it. This is the only Toshiba drive that I have purchased, and the Toshiba drive in my father's laptop also died. I forget the specs, but this trend leads me to believe that their drives are inferior to Western Digital drives. The only reason I order new Western Digital drives is normally for increased storage. I have had a Western Digital drive become noisy and show signs towards its end of life, but I was at least able to back up my data. This was not the situation with the Toshiba drives, which I found to be rather unfortunate.
@CDub07 This is a retail packaged hard drive.
Y'know, I think you're missing the point and you're being very cold about it. He doesn't want to buy another Toshiba hard drive because as he said, the one he bought was the only Toshiba hard drive he ever bought and it failed in less than 2 years. Everyone knows that this can happen to any hard drive. The point is that it happened to the only Toshiba hard drive he ever bought. He obviously felt like he was taking a chance when he bought it, and since it failed in less than 2 years, he won't take another chance by buying another. It seems like a wise decision to me.
You're still not getting it though. Everyone knows what you just said. It goes without saying, but it doesn't change the fact that he had a completely normal and reasonable reaction to his experience. Think about it: that was the first Toshiba hard drive he ever bought and it ended up failing in less than 2 years. So of course he won't buy another one. Would you? I wouldn't.
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