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Transformers : War for Cybertron

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #83 in PC Games


Pros: Cool Story, Iconic Character, New Look, Solid Play

Cons: Weak Multiplayer

Look at games a couple years later, remembering some of the more memorable moments, then trying to ga back and re-create that experience a few years later is often very to do.

I recently re-installed my copy of Transformers War for Cybertron a few weeks ago to give it another play through with the next one coming up around the corner. I will say I still like this game, the graphics are not bad, the unreal engine seems to hold up quite well. The controls are good, although having played this game originally on my X-Box 360, playing on the keyboard and mouse was a change. Hooking up a controller to your PC makes playing some of the ports much better.

I really liked the story this game has. I think it does a good job introducing the various characters. It also shows where this battle stems from and where its going. You get to play both sides, which at first I wasn't a fan of, but once I got the Decepticons backstory I was good with it. You have two options when starting the game, you can start with the Decepticons or the Autobots. The choice is yours, I tried it both ways. I really liked getting to play the game and then metting up and helping character I remembered from my childhood cartoons.

Controls & Gameplay
Gameplay is fine in my opinion. I am not a hardcore gamer, more of the working man/father whos gets some gaming time in when I can. So I didn't have any complaints as to the aiming, movement, transforming etc. The levels are very linear, but I didn't really notice it, as most of these types of games make you follow a more narrow path. Leveling up is done through Teletraan 1. I thought that was a nice touch.

Replayability & Multiplayer
Replayability I wouldn't say is the highest. Once you fought your way through the campaign I didn't really feel like I needed to try and go through it again for a special reason. The multiplayer isn't bad. They treid the Gear of War/Halo concept with the various ways of bad guys and the team deathmatch seemed to be the main ones. My only complaint is that you cannot do this via single player. I liked fighting the horde in GoW by myself, challenging myself to see how far I could get. Also I'm not very big on playing online and having 10 year olds talk trash to me, becasue they have nothing but free time to memorize every map, gun location, and hiding spot in a game like this.

Overall I am still happy with this game, and would easily recommend it to anyone a fan of the characters, or someone looking for a game to play and hasn't played it.



Transformers : War for Cybertron Trailer



Story : The story takes place in Cybertron where Decepticons declare war and Autobots try to resist against them. The entire game takes place in the Autobot world Cybertron. There are two different campaigns in the game, the first one tells the story of the Decepticon uprise and the second campaign tells the story of the Autobots after the Decepticons' uprise.


Graphics : The graphics are pretty mediocre. I am sure it is still better than the console version, though there isnt much optimization and you do not have enough video settings to have better overall quality. Please note that the game is capped at 30 fps which is a terrible experience. However there is a fps unlocker specificely for this game that can be found in internet, and when you download this unlocker, you can play with any fps you like. If you want to play Transformers:War for Cybertron make sure to install this fps unlocker.

Gameplay : Transformers is a 3rd person action game where in each mission there are 3 characters to choose from. When you select a character, the other two characters still remain with you throughout the story and assist you in your fight. You rarely brake up from your fellow comrades. You mostly control ground vehicle based characters in the game, such as Megatron or Optimus Prime, however each campaign has one mission where you can control an airbased character such as Starscream. The gameplay overall is pretty basic, you just drive, fire, shoot and if you are close enough, you can hack and slash your enemy. You can transform into a vehicle or vice verse anytime you like, and by doing so your weapon changes to a vehicle specific one.


Sound : Nothing great, nothing bad about it. It is as mediocre as the graphics. However I should say that the voice actors of Megatron and Optimus Prime are the same voice actors from the cartoons and the movies. I personally get into the game more every time Optimus Prime talks.


Length : You can finish both of the campaigns in less than 10 hours on the hardest settings.


Multiplayer : The multiplayer game types are your typical death matches and capture the flag kind of missions, however it is pretty fun for a few rounds. I cant see anyone being hooked by the multiplayer for a long but from time to time I play a few rounds. Though I must admit that it is very difficult to find someone playing the game online.


Replay Value : I can not see myself coming back to single player again, and I am sure that the multiplayer will be deserted very soon.


3DVision : There isn't a 3D profile for this game in the Nvidia Control Panel, however the game was ok in 3D. You just need to set divergence accordingly. It is especially fun to play the game in 3D when you are in control of a flying autobot or a decepticon, but besides that the shader and crosshair problems will bug you after a while. I would rate the 3D effects of Transformers as "Fair".


Price : I can't recall how much I paid for this game via Steam Sales, however the game at the moment would not worth anything above 10$. If you are not a Transformer fan at all, that 10$ will even be too much.

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Transformers : War for Cybertron

A Transformers game based on the cartoon show, not the movies.

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