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Trendnet TEW-812DRU Wireless AC1750 Router

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Pros: FAST, 4 Gigabit wired ports, Dual band, USB Port, Easy Setup

Cons: Slow network storage, Physically unstable at times

The Trendnet AC1750 is just about the fastest wireless router money can buy.

Starting off with the box we see that It has 1300 Mbps in the AC band, and 450 Mbps in the N band for a total of 1750 Mbps. The router also comes pre-encrypted, and was very easy to setup.

On the back of the box we see a comparison of different Trendnet products. and potential usage examples. Wireless N is typical of everyday devices such as laptops and smartphones. Wireless AC is the newest wireless standard and is seen on many smart TVs and high end computers.

Included in the box is the router itself, a user's guide CD, a user's manual, the power adapter, and an Ethernet cable.

The router has a brushed metal look although it is plastic. There are no feet to support the router so it can become unstable if many cables are plugged in. I would recommend laying the router down to ensure it is not a problem.

Finally we see the back of the router. There is a USB port for connecting storage to the network, a WPS button, 4 Gigabit wired ports, the internet port, and the power plug.

Performance 4.5/5
The performance of the router is outstanding. I was able to get full speed internet access around my whole house. The router will max out nearly all wireless adapters so the router will no longer be the bottleneck. This can be a potential disappointment though as the router is meant to support the fastest devices on the market. It will be total overkill to use it with a smartphone or a simple laptop. You will only be able to get the max speed, as advertised, if you have an 802.11ac device. If not, then this router is not really for you. There are many options that are cheaper and will provide excellent speed. That being said, if you have 802.11ac compatible devices and need extreme speed, then this router won't disappoint.

The only weak spot I was able to uncover was the USB storage. To access it, simply enter \\TEW812DRU_SMB in the start menu and the shared folder will appear. Despite being already setup, it is extremely slow. I was only able to get 16Mbps out of it. This USB port is also configurable for a wireless printer.

Usability 5/5
The online control panel for the AC1750 is accessible by entering into the URL bar of an internet browser. From there all the settings for the router may be changed.

First are the basic settings and router status. Then we see wireless settings.

Finally we see advanced settings for power users who want to get the most out of their router.

All of these settings may be adjusted for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz independently.

Security 5/5
The AC1750 comes pre-encrypted and has many security options. It offers WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-PSK Mixed, and WPA Mixed. For encryption there is AES or TKIP+AES.

Also available is an isolated guest network that is customizable with various access restrictions. The router is NAT firewall compatible.

In conclusion, although the Trendnet AC1750 may seem expensive, it is relatively cheap for 802.11ac compatible devices. It offers a superior balance of performance, usability, and security. I would recommend it to any power user who has the devices to handle its immense speed. I would however not recommend this to average users as there are many other cheaper options. The user that would get the most out of the AC1750 is one with multiple devices streaming HD content or any user looking for the absolute top of the line in home network.
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Trendnet TEW-812DRU Wireless AC1750 Router

TRENDnet’s AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-812DRU, produces the ultimate wireless experience with gigabit wireless speeds. Manage two wireless networks—the 1300 Mbps Wireless AC band for the fastest wireless available and the 450 Mbps Wireless N band to connect common wireless devices. The TEW-812DRU can easily handle the demands of multiple HD streams in a busy connected home.Features: 1750 Mbps total wireless: 1300 Mbps AC + 450 Mbps N bands Share music and videos with the USB share port Create an isolated guest network One touch network connection with the WPS button All Gigabit wired ports High power amplifiers extend wireless coverage

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FeatureNew - Retail 3-Year Warranty TRENDnet TEW-812DRU Trendnet TEW-812DRU Wireless AC1750 Router
TitleTrendnet TEW-812DRU Wireless AC1750 Router
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