vtx3d 7770 X-Edition


Pros: beautiful, light, rubber-plastic finish, runs cool even with oc, fairly good gpu

Cons: unfortunate packaging, no xfire bridge included, not as high overclockable in msi afterburner as other 7770s

I bought this card mainly because of it's looks. It looked much nicer than all other 7770s. Later I also added a Gigabyte 7770 oc. As I unpacked it, I noticed the case is out of a rubber-plastic mix so it feels awesome in your hands and It looks much better in my case than a regular plastic card would. I first stress-tested it in a gpu stability test. The temps were around 68C. Then I did it again but overclocked it in msi afterburner to 1250mhz. The temps were around 72C and didn't go higher. I read in another test (the only review I could find) that the card went over 100C stressed in it's regular overclocked state (1150mhz). It must have had a faulty fan.

Now to the cons: The box is extremely unfortunate. The postman thought it was something sexual because specs in the right hand corner were covered by my adress. (He asked me if I was old enough to buy such stuff)  The woman looks like she has a wip in her hand. Also, MSI Afterburner will not let me oc the gpu over 1250mhz. My gigabyte 7770 oc lets me oc it to 1320mhz. (This might sound noobish overclocking in afterburner sorry redface.gif)


Here are my heaven dx11 tests. All tests were at max settings and both gpus were set at 1150mhz. I only tested on a 1920x1080i display. Computer specs:  8120cpu @2.6ghz, gigabyte ga-970a-ds3 mobo, 12gb 1333mhz ram,  heaven was on a virtual ramdisk.




DirectX11 1 card: 17.9fps; 451p

DirectX11 2cards: 50.4fps; 1268p

Directx10 2cards: 56.2fps; 1416p

Directx9 2cards: 45.9fps; 1155p

OpenGL 2 cards: 12.3fps; 310p


I might update that last result because it seems awefully low.


All in all it's a great card. It seems to have a high build-quality, it runs cool and performance is not bad in comparism what you pay for it. That's why I'll give it 5 flames minus half a one for the packaging.

vtx3d 7770 X-Edition

GPU overclocked to 150mhz, Ram to 1250mhz.

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